Boston Day 2

Day 2 of our Boston trip consisted of me getting up early to start my long run while Ryan hit up a beer store 40 minutes away. (It was awesome because he brought me home some good surprises) Which was awesome in Boston since the sun comes up at least an hour earlier than in Cleveland. At 5:50am I thought it was 8am with how bright it was. A 12 mile long run was not a bad way to start the day.

Seen on my run

Seen on my run

Soon after my long run I quickly showered and we headed out for a long day of walking and shopping at the expo.

photo 2(5) photo 3(4)photo 4(3)

After attending multiple marathon expos and going to the Boston Marathon expo as both a spectator and a runner in the past, I was disappointed in the Boston Marathon expo this year. It has reached the point where it is so over packed that it is no longer enjoyable. You could barely move in most sections so shopping was extremely difficult and most places were sold out of any sizes Ryan needed (size medium). We’ve always gone on a Saturday so we were disappointed, we’ll be going on Friday from now on.

photo 1(5)After the expo we made our way towards the finish line to check out the area and snap some pictures. On the way we saw a multiple story Apple store that we had to check out. I suddenly feel like I need a new ipod after visiting.

photo 2(6)

This is an apple store not a mall

I was kinda nervous as we neared the finish line. We took some pictures but I didn’t feel comfortable there and was happy we didn’t spend as much time there as in the past. Also solidified my plan to not stay near the finish line for the actual marathon on Monday.

photo 3(5)Shortly after visiting the finish line we were able to meet up with some friends from Cleveland who now live in Rhode Island! We also made our first brewery stop of the trip at Trillium Brewing Co. I highly recommend stopping there if you are nearby, free samples and good beer!

photo 1(6) photo 4(4) photo 5(2)

Next we stopped at The Barking Crab for dinner for my first and only lobster roll of the trip. I am now obsessed with lobster rolls, it was delish!

photo 3(6)photo 1(7) photo 4(5) photo 5(3)

After a 12 mile run and a whole lot of walking (6-8 miles of walking, lost track somewhere) I was pretty beat for the day. I can’t even remember if we did anything else that day. Except take a cute new picture by the water.

photo 2(7)And this picture with the giant Boston Strong flag.

photo 2(8)

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Boston Day 1

In 2010 I ran the Boston Marathon, in 2012 Ryan ran the Boston Marathon and in 2014 Ryan ran the Boston Marathon again! It’s starting to become an every 2 yr vacation for us and I’m perfectly ok with that. (or every year that either one of us qualifies).

Crossing Bridges on the drive

Crossing Bridges on the drive

Instead of flying to Boston this year we decided to drive so that we could have a car to get around while we were there and also so that we could take as much stuff with us as we wanted. (or take a lot back with us since there seem to be quite a few beer stores in Boston).

Yes I love bridges

Yes I love bridges

I’m not sure how long it too us to get to Boston but we made awesome time the entire drive until we hit the downtown Boston traffic. But what could you expect with a Holiday weekend and Boston Marathon weekend.

We immediately checked into our hotel and hit up a close craft beer bar that we had heard a lot about, Lord Hobo. Although Lord Hobo was only 1 mile from our hotel, it took an hour to get there and  find parking. We thought by being outside of the city of Boston we would be free of traffic and crazy parking. However, it was worth the wait.

photo 5(1)It was pretty dark inside so my pictures didn’t come out that great but we did get great seats at the bar.

photo 4(2)And in case you were wondering, we are both missing Bodhi like crazy. It’s hard to be without our main dude.

photo 1(3)I did a lot of running in Boston, cant wait to post my training recaps!

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Outrun Hunger 5K

Hello Snow

Hello Snow

I swear when I registered for this race the weather said 47 and sunny. I must have missed the memo that we were we also getting 5 inches of snow the day before the race. (Note: this race was almost 2 weeks ago and I’m just getting to the recap now.)

Needless to say, I was less than excited to run this race with as much snow as we were getting. Since I was already battling plantar fasciitis I set my goal to 1) not fall and 2) treat it as a speed workout.

Photo courtesy of CleGreg

Photo courtesy of CleGreg

I struggled with my footing the first mile of the race and lost some time. However, the sun came out and I swear the snow started melting. My footing on the ground got better as the race went on.

Courtesy of Ryan

Courtesy of Ryan

I had zoned out very early on in this race. I had no idea what place I was in and barely looked at my watch for fear of what the time would tell me.

Photo courtesy of CleGreg

Photo courtesy of CleGreg

Once again during a 5K, I crushed the 2nd mile, usually I struggle during the second mile and pick it up the 3rd mile. I kept up my pace and cruised through the finish line for 2nd overall female and first in my age group. Official Time of 23:22, with the bad footing and the giant hill I was happy to go under 24 minutes.

Cutting Board Awards

Cutting Board Awards

I have to admit the only reason I signed up for this race was for the chance to win one of the awesome cutting board age group awards.  However, after learning more about The Centers for Families and Children, I’ll be back next year for the cause and not the award,

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Cleveland Marathon Training Week 11: Crushing

crush  (krŭsh)

v. crushed, crush·ing, crush·es
1. To press between opposing bodies so as to break or injure.
2. To break, pound, or grind (stone or ore, for example) into small fragments or powder.
3. To put down; subdue: crushed the rebellion.
4. To overwhelm or oppress severely: spirits that had been crushed by rejection and failure.
5. To crumple or rumple: crushed the freshly ironed shirt.
6. To hug, especially with great force.
7. To press upon, shove, or crowd.
8. To extract or obtain by pressing or squeezing
9. A popular soda drink

With the marathon slowly creeping closer I have a big decision to make. Will I be crushed by not be able to run the full marathon this year? Will I drop to the half and crush my PR? Will I attempt the full and risk injury then spend the rest of the summer crushed that I can’t run?

Right now I’m hoping for a miracle and that I can suddenly bust out my 20 milers. I’m bummed that I got my 15, 16, 17 and 18 milers in with no problems and then came down with the plantar fasciitis. I can’t help to think that those long runs went to waste if I end up not being able to run the marathon.

Practically living in compression socks... sometimes over my jeans because i just want my feet compressed.

Practically living in compression socks… sometimes over my jeans because i just want my feet compressed.

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 800 meter swim
Wednesday: AM Speedwork 1 mile WU, 5-800s, 2-400s, 1 mile CD
Thursday:  4 miles in the AM and 800 meter swim in the PM
Friday: Abs and Arms
Saturday: 10 mile long run and 800 meter swim
Sunday: 1 hour of strength training

Total Mileage: 19 miles

I kept the mileage extra low this week but kicked up the pace of my 10 miler and am happy to report that I had zero pain! I also received the go ahead from my doctor to run 12 miles this weekend and see how I feel!

Bodhi and I celebrated the good news with a milkshake.

Bodhi and I celebrated the good news with a milkshake.

Have you ever had to come up with a decision to run or not run? Ever had to drop out of a race or drop down on your distance? I’ve never had to drop down my distance because I usually end up injured and can’t run at all :(

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Cleveland Marathon Training Week 10: Let’s Not Call It A Comeback

Although the mileage was low this week, it was 75% painfree! The plan is to do another week similar to this mileage and if everything continues painfree, I can increase my mileage again!

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: SpeedWork, 1 mile WU, 6-400s, 1 mile CD, 800 meter swim
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 1,350 meter swim (54 pool laps, so close to a mile swim!)
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 10 mile long run
Sunday: OutRun Hunger 5K (5 miles for the day)

Cruising in the 5K

Cruising in the 5K

Total Mileage: 22 Miles

Every time I am injured all I can think about is how big of a spot running has in my life. I mean that in the best possible way because I truly love running.

Life is better in running shoes. #clemarathon

Although we had yet another snow storm over the weekend, it seems that warm temps are on the way!

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Jig & Jog 5K

Jig Jog Logo 2014

A couple years ago I ran the Jig and Jog race and crushed my time. (Course was a bit short but I still would have crushed it no matter the distance). When I found out it was on a day I could make this year I couldn’t wait to run it.

With all the plantar fasciitis nastyness going on in my feet, I had a goal to run anything in the 21s. No PR, no trying to place, just any finish time that started with 21. With a flat lakewood course I figured I could pull it off.

Mile 1: One small loop around the neighborhood (also the starting line was in front of my new place of employment! yays!) I barely looked at my watch and tried to run by feel.

Mile 2: We had started down a long stretch to the water stop/turnaround, I was able to see Ryan in the lead! With 2 other guys :) I was also able to see that I was in 4th overall. I usually feel like death at this point but my legs were ready to go. I cruised through this straightaway.

Mile 3: We went back and did the small neighborhood loop again and I loved it! It was nice to know exactly how far it was to the finish…even if I was wanting to see a finish line at 2.7.

stone finisher awards and the had some chocolate milk towels!

stone finisher awards and the had some chocolate milk towels!

I had to push a little at the end but ended up finishing at 21:47, 4th overall female and 1st in my age group! We know the race director at this race so he always gives a shout out to “Team McCartney” at the races :)

I wore my shirt to bake in so it is still in the wash.

I wore my shirt to bake in so it is still in the wash.

If you are not familiar with Peace Racing, they put on some great local races and their courses are always a little different than normal. They are putting on a 5K Cro Run in May that supports a group near and dear to my heart, the American Zagreb Junior Tamburitzans. Come out and support if you can!

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Cleveland Marathon Training Week 9: Hanging in there

Injury Update: I’m still being annoyed but this pain in my feet BUT I can still run! I cannot run 20 miles but I can run 14. Hopefully my feet get their act together so we can go crush Marathon #12. I broke down this week and parted ways with my Nike’s and welcomed home these babies.



I haven’t worn Asics since I first started distance running in 2006! However, they feel great so far and I look forward to breaking these babies in!

Monday: 3.07 easy miles in the am
Tuesday: SpeedWork, 1 mile WU, 5-800s, 1-400 and 1 mile CD
Wednesday: 3.08 easy miles in the am
Thursday: 1,200 meter swim
Friday: abs and arms
Saturday: 14 mile long run (Jig and Jog 5K in there too)
Sunday: 1 hour spin and rolled dough for a couple hours.

Rolled dough AND I got to hang out with my little sister. (Not so little anymore)

Rolled dough AND I got to hang out with my little sister. (Not so little anymore)

Total Mileage: 25.65

I had not 1 but 2 graston appointments last week and another one this week. Hoping to keep the scar tissue and other junk from building up in my feet. My original training plan had me doing a 20 miler last week but I decided I’d play it safe and run 17. However, the pain was so bad at mile 11 that I decided 14 would have to be it. Fingers crossed for a miracle and a 20 miler soon!

On my runs I try to smile and wave or say good morning to everyone I pass. Sometimes I zone out and forget but 98% of the time I try to say something because I would rather be the one who waved and said good morning than the one who didn’t.

Darling, be daring.

Do you say hi to those you pass on your runs?

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