Spoiled Pup

I’ve managed to stay fairly healthy so far for 2014, we are still 13 days in so keep your fingers crossed. Let’s not discuss the allergic reaction I had to chapstick yesterday and today.

However, Bodhi has not stayed so healthy. Not only did he break his leg on the first day of the year but he also got neutered and then got a hard cast on. (his first cast was just to hold him over for a few days.)

Signing him out.

Signing him out.

He’s a little drugged in that picture.

Really Mom?

Really Mom?

After he broke his leg, I bought him a new bed because his other 2 were not cutting it. Or maybe it’s just because he’s spoiled. He can get in and out a lot easier with the new bed. Even if his cast does get caught on it.

Snow day cuddles

Snow day cuddles

Ryan had lots of snow days so Bodhi had lots of cuddle time.

Sleeping positions

Sleeping positions

He’s discovered sleeping on his back while smashed between my legs is the best position for him. He can rest his cast on my leg like this.



I thought most toys would be out of his reach for awhile but instead he manages to get to them inside his cone. I thought he would be a baby about the cone but he seems to think it’s normal. Thankfully he only needs to keep it on for 10 more days.

Baby Blanket?

Baby Blanket?

If Ryan and I weren’t spoiling him enough, the in-laws bought him a baby blanket this weekend.

Bodhi Blanket!

Bodhi Blanket!

10 days til Bodhi gets the cone off and 7 weeks til he gets the cast off.

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30 year old runner from Cleveland, OH. I am an avid runner, marathon maniac and Boston Marathoner. I have completed 11 marathons and am an Offficial Blogger for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. I enjoy traveling, running, Nike Lunar Glides, baking, reading, sno cones, anything pumpkin flavored, swedish fish, Kinder chocolates, racing, marshmallows, my amazing husband and our puppy Bodhi. Contact me at: MojaMala2blog@gmail.com
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7 Responses to Spoiled Pup

  1. Oh my goodness he is just too cute, and such a little trooper!

  2. Holly says:

    What an adorable pup! I hope he gets better soon. We just got our pup fixed a month ago and she was unhappy for the first few days after. Now she is loving life! P.S. I hope you bought that blanket.

  3. Holly says:

    At least they put the transformer image back on!

  4. gorunjess says:

    Those pictures are too cute- I showed my mom a few and she was doing a whole lot of “awwwwwww.” :-)

  5. Poor guy. Ours never had to wear the cone when they got fixed. I wonder why some do and some don’t? You and Ryan are great puppy parents!

    • Jessica M. says:

      He has to wear the cone so he doesn’t lick the area and cause infection or chew out the stitches. 1 more week to go but I think he’s starting to like the cone.

  6. Poor little guy! Glad he has awesome parents to take such good care of him!

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