Cleveland Marathon Race Entry Winner!

I have good news! BODHI GOT HIS CAST OFF! No more spending 15 minutes to prepare Bodhi to go outside and tying multiple plastic bags to his leg to keep his cast dry! He’s still getting adjusted to having use of that leg but he’s doing really well and full healed!

                    photo 1  photo 2

He couldn’t stop licking his leg the first day and he was extra cuddly and sleepy from being at the vet all day.

Oh but you probably want to know who the winner of the giveaway is!!!!!

The winner was chosen using and that person is……


Congrats! Send me and email at and I’ll get you set up! (Yes mojamala and mojamala2 were already taken in gmail!)

If you didn’t win, you’ll want to keep an eye on I’m the one they call Beal….

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About Jessica M.

30 year old runner from Cleveland, OH. I am an avid runner, marathon maniac and Boston Marathoner. I have completed 11 marathons and am an Offficial Blogger for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. I enjoy traveling, running, Nike Lunar Glides, baking, reading, sno cones, anything pumpkin flavored, swedish fish, Kinder chocolates, racing, marshmallows, my amazing husband and our puppy Bodhi. Contact me at:
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One Response to Cleveland Marathon Race Entry Winner!

  1. Yay, Anna!!!
    And how cute it Bodhi! I’m sure he’ll be back to normal in no time. :)

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