Dead Sprint 5K 2016

Quick name the best way to spend a runners Birthday?????

Running a race of course!

Luckily, there are plenty to choose from since my birthday is so close to Halloween.

This race takes place in my neighborhood so it makes it easy to run every year as I cannot pass up the chance to run on familiar territory.

After having a couple rough races this fall, I was finally getting excited to run as I was seeing results finally. My goal for this race was to run just a little faster than my previous 5K. No PR, just running a little faster with every race.

The start for this race is always tricky as there are a lot of kids who want to line up at the front of the line.I lined up fairly close to the start since it is a smaller race and I wanted to get space right away without trampling anyone over. That plan worked perfectly and I eased right into a comfortable pace early on.

There were A LOT of people who went out way too fast. Both kids, adults and seasoned runners. While it might have sucked for them because they died out within the first half mile to a mile. It was great for me because I had lots of people to pick off and pass for the rest of the race.

The first mile came and went and I felt pretty strong. I kept a pretty similar pace for the second mile which is extremely rare for me. Usually the second mile I slow down significantly.

I was pretty confident that I was in 2nd place overall female by this point. I could only see the other girl on the long straightaways so I knew I wasn’t going to catch her. However, as I started to close in on the person in front of me, I noticed they had a bun, short shorts and shaved legs. OMG, how did I not know about this other girl! Shoot.

However, this other girl was slowing down so I knew I could catch her. Hopefully, she didn’t try to come with me as I passed her.

As I got closer, I realized this girl had a beard! And a man bun! It wasn’t a girl at all. Phew.

Knowing the neighborhood was awesome because I knew where I was the whole time and how far the finish was. I know my Garmin would tell me the actual distance but sometimes it helps to be able to visualize it.

As I was coming down the main street, Rocky River drive, I was reaching that pukey phase where I knew I couldn’t push any harder. I saw Ryan on the side of the street and asked if there was anyone behind me and thankfully he said no.


I crossed the line as the second overall female and first in my age group with a time of 22:41. A slight improvement on the last race so I was perfectly happy with that.


Huge congratulations to Ryan who was the overall winner for the second year in a row. My goal is to get fast enough that I can also be the overall female winner with him.


Bodhi and Bandit did not race but they did discover how to lay on the heating pad when it is on. Sadly, there are no medals for this.


Race To A Million 5K

After racing bad many times and wanting to give up on running all together, I signed up for another race. Why? Because I love torture.

Actually, I signed up because it was a money race and I actually had a shot. For whatever reason this race has a small turnout. Probably because there are so many other races the same weekend as this race and the weekend before so everyone is recovering.

Before the race, I only saw 1-2 people that might beat me which I was ok with. The top 3 overall all got cash money. Like a good amount too. Ryan was also racing and his chances were the same as mine.

The morning of the race was cold and crazy windy. It felt like a winter day and I bet it kept runners at home that thought they would sign up when they got there.

The race started and I went out pretty conservatively. It had been awhile since I had done a speed race so no idea what to expect.

For the first time in forever, I felt really good and my legs actually felt like they knew how to run fast. My turnover had returned! As I glanced at my watch, I could see I wasn’t quite at the paces I wanted but as I neared the first mile I was in 4th place and the next person was in reach.

I wish I could say I sat back and waited to pass her but instead she was just barely faster than me. At the second mile, I looked at my watch and I could see that we both had slowed down. However, I felt great and my legs still had something left so I hoped the woman in front of me would continue to slow.

With a half mile to go I picked up the pace as she had gained a little bit of a lead on me. I was slowly closing in on the lead but not quite fast enough. As we made the last turn toward the finish line, she had just enough space and she got me. She took third while I took fourth.She took home cash while I took home a pumpkin. For real, they gave out mini pumpkins after the race.

As I tried to catch my breath, Ryan came over and I thought to myself, “well at least one of us brought home prize money.” However, Ryan informed me that he too came in fourth! He was recovering from just completing a marathon weeks prior and wasn’t quite ready to race.

Ryan loves the crying MJ meme so he thought it was perfect for the occasion.


I knew the race was close for third and I ran a time of 22:49. However, I found out I missed 3rd by 4 seconds! 4 SECONDS!

Oh well, I ran my best that day and that was all I was ready for.

Bandit thinks us racing is exhausting. I agree.

Towpath Half Marathon

When picking out races for the year, I had decided I was going to run the Presque Isle Erie Marathon as my fall full marathon. After some health issues over the summer, I decided it would be best if I picked a different fall marathon instead and decided I would run the Towpath Marathon. The Erie Marathon and Towpath Marathon are only a few weeks apart so I am not sure why I thought this would really make a difference. It should be no surprise that I ended up changing to the Half Marathon as I saw how poorly I was running this year.

However, for this race I went into it knowing that I would likely run very poorly and was hoping that I could go sub 1:50 for this race.

Race morning it was very cold for early October. I ended up wearing shorts and a tank top anyways but it was very chilly.

Exactly like the other half marathon I ran, my pace dropped significantly by the time I got to the 3rd mile. Unlike past races, I didn’t feel completely like I wanted to quit. Maybe I had just come to terms with my new slower paces. Maybe I just really love running on the Towpath.

In the past, I remember more fall colors during this race but there was actually a lot of green left on the trees. It was still really pretty to run through though. I think my only complaint would be that the path gets narrow in a few places and you have to go single file in both directions. For me it really wasn’t frustrating since I knew I wasn’t going to be running a PR and was already off my goal pace.

A lot of people will tell you that it is slower to run on the Towpath. I disagree with this statement, I feel like I run really well on the Towpath…normally. It’s softer on the body than running on asphalt.


The course is extremely flat and mostly out and backish. On the way back though I felt like it was taking forever to get to the Boston Store. Even with half a mile to go I was like where is it. It pops up so quickly once you get to it but i felt like I couldn’t even hear any spectators up ahead.

I ended up not running my goal time and finished with a time of 1:50:03. Officially hung up the running shoes on long distance races for the year after this one. Don’t get me wrong, I will be back and am still running long now. Just the racing long thing hasn’t been going so well. I did buy a giant bag of kettle corn after the race so I have that going for me.


Racing has gone extremely well for Ryan and he PR’d in the marathon at this race! Ended up finishing 5th overall.



Same Blog, New Look

You might notice some changes with the blog today. Well, I hope you notice the changes!

I felt that my blog was becoming too cluttered and hard to navigate so I have switched to a new template which forced me to change the header, widgets, etc. The header photo will likely be changing but with winter coming, I thought it was a perfect excuse to use that picture.

I am loving the new look so far so hopefully I have connected all the links properly and nothing major is missing.

The last time I updated my blog was 4 years ago, eek. Hard to believe that this blog will be turning 6 in January!



Akron Half Marathon 2016

Just about every year I run both the River Run Half Marathon and Akron Half Marathon. They are fairly close together but it is a great way to see if I can improve from one race to the next. Which is not easy considering how hilly Akron is. However, somehow every year I run better at Akron than River Run. This year, was not that year…

Knowing what I ran at River Run (1:47) but knowing I usually run well at Akron, I decided that 1:45 would be my goal for the race. Even now, looking back, I feel like 1:45 should have been a good time.

I promised myself that I would not go out fast for this race. No matter what. I started this race out at an 8 min mile pace. And it felt great! And easy! If I could keep it this easy maybe I could negative split the second half.

By mile 2, my pace had already dropped and once again I felt like quitting. I didn’t get it! I didn’t go out too fast for this race, I felt like my training was going well and making progress. I kid you not for the rest of the race I refused to smile or have fun. Every time I saw an encouraging sign I cursed it. “pain is only temporary” “race results are forever” “you’re lapping everyone on the couch”

The race is hilly, yes, but my pace dropped significantly throughout the race. The one thing that gave me some positive thought was “at least I am not doing the marathon.” Other than that I was a compete brat.


To be honest, I did some serious reflection on if I still wanted to be a runner. I questioned if it was really worth it anymore. At the end of the race as I was nearing the finish line, I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. I was just so disappointed in myself.


I sprinted to the finish line, trying to make the best of it but I was fighting back the tears hard. Meb was at the finish line shaking hands and I couldn’t bring myself to  walk over to him. I was really that upset.

My official time was 1:50:44 and I was convinced Akron would be my last race for the year.



River Run Half Marathon 2016

While I may have taken a couple weeks off this summer and lost all my speed. Literally, no speed whatsoever in these legs, I did not lose the distance. I could easily run long distances after taking so many weeks off. However, they were all very slow miles. Naturally, I thought it would be a great idea to run the River Run half marathon.

The River Run half marathon is a favorite in our house because that is where Ryan and I met. On the bus to the start of the race when I sat down next to him, all those years ago…

I should have went into this race with a realistic goal of like 1:45-1:50. Instead, in my head I thought I would run close to a 1:43. In the spring, I was in shape for a sub 1:40 so I thought 3 minutes slower would be easy.

To start, I went out too fast, no surprise there but by mile 2 I was done. Like completely ready to quit. In my head for the next couple miles, I told myself I could quit and should just stop running. Then I day dreamed about if I was smarter and was a spectator for the race instead.

Current Status: Trying to figure out where to drop out of the race.

Surprisingly, as much as I was hating running and myself during the race, the miles clicked by quickly. Mile 6 was there before I knew it. I honestly have no idea why I kept running this race. I had no idea what my finish time would be but knew it would be much slower than what I had predicted.

The next couple miles kept going by fast despite my pace dropping significantly. I hit mile 10 and knew I was not going to quit by this point and I kept telling myself, only a 5K left.


As I neared the finish line, I could see my friends who already finished that were heading out for some cool down miles. They cheered when they saw me but I wouldn’t even look at them. Despite being close to the finish line, I was still cranky about my declining time.

I finished with a time of 1:47:52 an 8:12 pace. One of my slowest half marathons in a very long time.


Celebrate Westlake 5K

Hmmm, you ever have a blog and then are too busy to actual write in that blog. That’s been a common problem of mine lately. However, I’m still here blogging and not ready to give it up just yet so here’s a race recap from like 2 months ago.

I will admit the Celebrate Westlake 5 mile and 5K is a great race but not my favorite. For whatever reason I just never run well there. It’s usually really hot and the course is sunny but flat. This year I decided to run it because I had taken a couple weeks off running completely so I wasn’t expecting any crazy PRs or anything.

I think my only goal for this race was to run under 23 minutes. I made sure to start out at a slower pace as I was not yet ready for my lungs to burn. However, I still went out a little too fast. My legs felt great, not heavy or anything but I felt like I couldn’t go fast. It was the weirdest feeling. I felt like I was trying to go fast but my legs just wouldn’t do it.

I was actually surprised that my first mile was decent but when I tried to go faster, nothing happened. My legs were stuck.

The course is out and back and almost entirely crazy flat. It’s actually a really great course to go for a PR on…if you are in PR shape. Coming off 5+ weeks of no running at all is not PR shape.

On the way back to the finish line, I tried so hard to pick up my pace but it was not working. I didn’t know if it was the heat or just not being used to running fast lately. I had to push really hard but I barely made it in under my time goal of less than 23 minutes.


I crossed the finish line with a 22:59, a 7:25 pace, good enough for 2nd in my age group. Not a bad way to come back to running.

This race is known for usually having some pretty good race swag. This year it was a fleece jacket that Bandit has claimed as his bed.