Why I Don’t Mind The Treadmill

Most runners and even non-runners have complaints about running on the treadmill and even call it the “dreadmill”. Common complaints are “it’s too hot”, “it’s boring”, “I don’t get the same workout I get outside”, and blah blah blah. I on the other hand I actually like the treadmill and would like to give you some reasons why.

One reason is I live in Cleveland and it’s cold outside. I am a wimp for cold weather and feel the need to bundle up with a bunch of layers to go outside in the cold and freeze through my workout. I can easily go to the gym in shorts and a tank top and run all I want on the treadmill…and laugh at everyone outside bundled in their hats, gloves and multiple layers. Also saves me a load of laundry! My second reason is, I live in Cleveland and it’s snowy and icy outside. To save myself wet feet and falls on the ice, I take myself to the treadmill and continue to laugh at the runners slipping and sliding. The way I see it is I can either get a good pace going on the treadmill or I can go outside and slow down by at least a minute per mile.

I have to agree that the treadmill can get boring, but that’s why there are TV’s and iPod’s A TV will easily take my mind off running, especially when I am watching some of my favorite shows and movies. Miles will pass by without me even realizing it. Also, some inspiring music on my iPod will give me the motivation I need to crank the speed up a little bit and to distract me from the fact that I am running on a treadmill. A little imagination and daydreaming can also make running inside a little better. Instead of being a downer and complaining about being inside I daydream about just about anything to make the time go by and to take my mind off running. Usually I daydream about winning a major race or about being the leader singer in a band. Dream Big!

I have to admit that the treadmill is not the same workout that you get outside but you can still get a pretty good workout. By increasing the incline on the treadmill you can get the same feeling on your legs as you would outside. Also, using the incline on the treadmill would allow you to add hills to your workout whenever you want. When I run outside and want to do a hilly run, I have to plan it out so that there are hills close by. But on the treadmill you can add hills whenever you want! Also running on a treadmill is better for your knees, hips and back. It adds a softer landing than pounding on the cement outside, which is good for warding off injuries.

One of my last reasons is it’s safer to run indoors. I don’t have to worry about getting attacked..by people, dogs or squirrels. Squirrels freak me out when I am running. I am so afraid that they will see me running and feel threatened and try to climb up me. I don’t have to worry about cyclists or cars. And I don’t have to worry about running in the dark.

2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Mind The Treadmill

  1. Let’s see – Just don’t run!!!

    No cold!! No snow!! No squirrels!! No pesky mailmen getting in the way!!

    Sit on the couch and relax!!!! Really safe!!!!

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