7 Reasons I Need a New Blender

After many years with my current blender and after daily fights with it, I have made a list of the reasons I need a new blender.  Hopefully I will be blender shopping this weekend.

1. My blender was bought in 2005 for $25. Making it 6 years old! Making it totally worth the $25 I spend on it.

2. My blender smokes when I use it and it’s not even on fire.

3. My blender smells funny and I swear I wash it, I even put it through the dishwasher! Which I am not really sure you should do. Oops

4. My Blender sprays stuff out of the bottom if you do not cover it. (I really do not know how this happens but def makes a mess)

5. I only bought my blender because it is red, I know that’s really sad. Pink is my favorite color, but I always wanted a red and black themed kitchen.

6. I need my blender to fuel my smoothie obsession!

7. I need to shake my blender to get it started…..and when it gets stuck….which is often. (although it does make for a good arm workout, Shake Weight 2.0?)

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