Total Blonde Moment

So like every year I try to set a goal for how many books I should read. Last year my goal was to read 12 books in a year. I easily surpassed that but mostly because I was like unemployed for most of 2010 😦

This year I decided my goal would be to double 12 and read 48 books in a year…..  Then I was like wow 48 books is a lot of books to read….. How could I like go from reading like 12 books to like 48 books…. Umm probably because if you double like 12 you get 24 not 48. Thank God I have this blonde hair to cover my mistakes and let’s forget about the fact that my Mother is a high school math teacher…

On a serious note: it is January 19th and I have already read 4 books. So only 44 more to go hehehe I mean 20.

Disclosure: Yes the use of “like” was on purpose. Yes I am a real blonde…if by real you mean it comes in a box. Yes I have moments like this daily….

4 thoughts on “Total Blonde Moment

  1. You’re lucky you have the blonde to cover these moments. I have these moments on a daily basis and the brunette look isn’t helping me any. Best wishes to you with your reading. Do you have a list you’re going off of or just reading at random?

    1. I just read at random. Usually if someone suggests something I will read that but I will read just about anything. I like to read a lot of series of books. Right now I am finishing up the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series.

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