Week 1 of Training

Overall I would have to say week 1 of training wasn’t that bad. Probably helps that I never really stopped training. When I am not training I run for fun! Although I don’t really do a long run when I am not following a training plan. The super cold temps kept me inside this week, but I expect it to be this way for a couple weeks.

Monday: 6 miles on the treadmill

Tuesday: Speedwork 2-1miles, 3-800s, 3-400s and ran uphill 6.5 incline at a 6.5mph pace for 2 mins. I will eventually post times for my speedwork but forgot to write it down this week.

Wednesday: 6 miles and 30 mins on the elliptical

Thursday: Speedwork 2-1miles, 3-800s, 3-400s and ran uphill 6.5 incline at a 6.5mph pace for 2 mins. Vball game (we lost 😦 )

Friday: Rest Day!

Saturday: 6 miles, 45 min Spin Class and played football outside. I used to spin at least 3 days a week but since I started working again it is difficult to fit it in my schedule. Playing football outside was a lot of fun but the ground was frozen. It had a layer of about 2 inch thick ice covering the entire field. Made it challenging to run but we managed to pull a win.

Sunday: 10 miles! wahooo! and 20 mins on the elliptical. I had no motivation to run on Sunday, I slept in really late and then went out to breakfast and then shopping so it took a lot to get me to the gym, but I made it.

Total Mileage: About 38 miles

P.S. I bought a new blender at Target and it is amazing! I no longer need to shake my blender while it blends. I might need to add an arm workout to my training now….

3 thoughts on “Week 1 of Training

  1. Great week!
    And that’s funny about the blender. I broke down and bought a Vitamix yesterday (still can’t believe I just spent that much money on a blender) – but ours was so bad I just couldn’t do it anymore. 🙂

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