Week 3 of Training

This is one of my worst running weeks ever. I was sick the entire week and my running has definitely suffered. However, I think I made the right decision and took some time off. I got caught up on my sleep, took lots of cold medicine and even took a couple days off work. I definitely feel refreshed and ready to run again. I was even tempted to run outside in the cold this weekend. I resisted and stayed inside, with the exception of playing football. Usually I would get really down about low mileage for a week but I think it was the right thing to do and glad that it happened early on in my training.

Monday: Sick

Tuesday: Sick

Wednesday: 7 fast miles, my fastest ever on a treadmill. Apparently Wednesday I was feeling better and thought I could run….when I got home I was wiped out. I was still sick 😦

Thursday: Still sick but decided to go to the CSU basketball game instead of running. Also played a late volleyball game.  CSU won! Volleyball team lost 😦

Friday: I think I was at my worst and bought sleepy cold meds and knocked myself out for the night.

Saturday: I slept in and then ran 6 easy miles and then played football. We won! 🙂

Sunday: I was really sore and took the day off running just to make sure I was not sick still.

Total Mileage: 13 not bad for only running 2 days.

Looking forward to week 4 and the Chili Bowl 5K coming up!

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