Get Up And Dance!

So back when I was in high school my Mom bought me a Paula Abdul dance workout video. I was never a huge Paula Abdul fan but I believe her cassette tape was one of the first that I owned, that and Wilson Philips. Why my Mother bought me the video I really don’t know. Probably because I really enjoyed working out and dancing (and probably at the time there was nothing else besides Denise Austin videos). Anyways I popped it in the VHS (remember those) and got started.

If you cannot tell from the picture, this video was made in the 90's

I immediately fell in love with it. It was fun, easy to pick up and had catchy music. By easy to pick up, I mean the steps are simple however, Paula doesn’t explain most of them it’s kind of a monkey see monkey do thing. And the workout is not hard for the most part. You will break a slight sweat but you will not feel like you are at The Biggest Loser Ranch. So maybe save this video for an off day or easy day.

Love the outfits!

Fact: I confess that in the years that I did this workout I have done the cooldown only once. But for some reason I seem to remember the cooldown being to a slowed down version of the YMCA but I could be wrong on that. 

Fact: I now have “Promise of a New Day” stuck in my head.

Fact: It is featured in the video.

Fact: IMDB rated this video as a 7.5/10

Fact: Paula produced another dance workout video

Fact: I have not tried it….

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