Run Song Of The Week

It’s Valentine’s Day and I feel like I should post a love related song but that’s really not my thing. Instead, I am going to share a song I love to run to. I am pretty sure most of you have not heard it so maybe I will introduce you to something new.

I tried to find the actual dance but YouTube’s Croatian Folk dance is limited so you’ll have to settle with this. The song is Precveli su plavi tulipani from Posavina being performed by LADO.

Fun Fact: I was a Croatian Folk Dancer for 14 years.

2 thoughts on “Run Song Of The Week

  1. Can you actually run to that?? I can just picture you dancing down the streets of Cleveland. People are going to think you’re nuts!! But then again – dancing in the streets – running in the streets – both are crazy if you ask me!!

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