Enjoying The Weather!

Today for the first time in many weeks I got to run outside. We had surprisingly warm temperatures for Cleveland in February, pretty sure it was in the 50’s. And it couldn’t have come at a better time, I really needed to get outside for some runs and Fitworks has been packed lately.

I was not even sure what to wear with these warm temps. On my way home I saw many many runners, some had on full sweats, some shorts, hats, gloves, long sleeves short sleeves. So they were pretty much no help (especially girl in the sweats). I decided to go with my usual capri running tights, a tank top with a long sleeve wicking top over top. As I was walking out the door I decided to grab my Cleveland Marathon running pack to put my cell phone and keys in. As I got outside I realized I forgot my ipod and garmin (aka Garmy) so I went back to grab them. Obviously I have not been running outside and didn’t even know what to take, eek.

I wanted to get some hills in since I tend to cheat on my hills on the treadmill….sometimes but not always…. If you saw me running today I probably looked like someone was chasing me. I was really excited to get my feet on the pavement and I was moving really fast. And the best part was I could have gone faster, surprisingly enough I had to watch out for ice, snow, slush, mud, dog poo, puddles and cars. Needless to say I survived and have been in a really good mood since. I would have gone farther but it got dark early so I had to head home. I have really missed this warm weather. Looks like tomorrow will be another warm one which means I will be outside again. Yay!

Also my Nike order came in today.

2 pairs of shorts, new capri tights and shoes.

Yes those are the same shoes from an earlier post. I really really liked them and had to get another pair.

Hope all you Cleveland area runners got out there and enjoyed the nice temps today! Happy Running!

3 thoughts on “Enjoying The Weather!

  1. I was totally planning on running last night but to wait for hubby to get home (since I have little ones I can’t leave alone) and then I had to take care of things and by then, it was dark, of course. I could run in the dark but right now with all the puddles and ice and dog poo, I was apprehensive. It is supposed to be a little warmer today and although I already ran on the treadmill at the gym, I definitely look forward to hitting the pavement when he gets home. 2 days till Chili Bowl!!!

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