Chili Bowl 5K

Well after 3 days of beautiful running weather I woke to not so great running conditions today….30’s and strong winds. Not exactly perfect running weather but it is February and I should be happy that we didn’t have rain or snow.

My goal was to run under 23 mins for my first 5K of 2011 but once I saw how windy it was I decided to try and go under 23:30. It’s pretty far from my PR but reasonable with how my training has been going. I ended up finishing at 23:14 and 9th in my age group (out of 92!) so not too bad. I definitely know where I could have picked it up and overall felt pretty good.

The Chili Bowl 5K is put on by Hermes (my favorite running company) and starts at Tower 230 at Tower City in Downtown Cleveland. There is free chili after the race (meat and vegetarian). It is also the first race in the road race series that is sponsored by Hermes.

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