Yet Another Blonde Moment

So I glanced at my training schedule the other day and was excited to see that the Shamrock 15K is this weekend (it’s not, keep reading). And couldn’t believe it would already be March this weekend. (it’s not, keep reading). That would mean the St.Malachi 5 Miler is in 2 weeks (guess what, it’s not, keep reading).

Apparently while making my Marathon Training Plan, I completely skipped over the week of February 21-27. Maybe I thought I was going on vacation that week but obviously I was dreaming. I also noticed that I never re-numbered the weeks, so after the 10th week it goes to 7, 8, 9, and then 9, 10. Maybe I should go back to kindergarten to learn to count.

So to make up for this flub in the training play, I am going to try to repeat the previous week for the most part, with perhaps a few changes here and there. And hopefully those are the only typos in my training plan.

Shamrock 15K or 5K is March 6th

St. Malachi 5 mile or 2 mile is March 12

Fact: I have blonde moments daily

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