It’s Official, I’ve Either Lost It or I Think I Can Do It All

There has been a race on my bucketlist for a while that I have been dying to tackle and finally feel like I am at that level in my training to tackle something so crazy. Is it the Western  States 100, no. Although that is on my list, right after climb Mt. Everest…..

The race I am referring too is The Goofy Challenge aka a race and a half, aka Disney Half Marathon on Saturday, Disney Full Marathon on Sunday. A few years ago when I first found out about this race, my first reaction was “who does that?” and “people who do that are crazy”. But I now feel like I can do this and okay maybe I am a little bit crazy.

But here are the negatives.
1. Registration starts on March 15 and I’ve heard that it sells out fairly quickly.
2. I am in the lottery for the New York Marathon and won’t find out if I am in until end of April. And doing both the NY marathon and the Goofy Challenge are not an option. Too close together.
3. Flights are cheap right now so I am really hoping that they don’t go up.

But here are the positives.
1. Get run in Florida and through the Disney Parks
2. Florida weather beats Cleveland weather any day.
3. You get not 1, not 2, but 3 finisher’s medals. 1 for the half, 1 for the full and 1 for the goofy challenge of completing them both.
4. Brag rights that you ran a half and a full in one weekend.
5. Running Vacation!

Has anyone done the Disney races? If so what did you think? And do you think I am crazy for wanting to do this? You don’t really have to answer that last one….

7 thoughts on “It’s Official, I’ve Either Lost It or I Think I Can Do It All

  1. The Goofy is one of my post-Boston goals. I’m not saying to bank on NYCM or anything (I obviously decided not to), but don’t forget, Disney isn’t going anywhere. Don’t feel the need to fit everything in now.

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