I’m Giving Up

It’s that time of year again where I give up something for Lent. I surprisingly thought pretty hard about this because 40 days is a long time to be without something. Every year I try to give up something unhealthy or something that I am addicted to. In years past I gave up such things as cookies, pancakes, fast food, maraschino cherries and sour cream. Hmm, basically I gave up a food item every year….well let’s not break tradition. This year I am giving up pop. I usually only drink diet anyways but it’s still not good for you. Hopefully, by giving up pop for lent I will stick with it and give it up for a lot longer.

I am a Pepsi fan but I guess Coke is ok too

I also have a bit of road rage and am going to give up honking my horn when I am mad at other drivers. I will not give up calling them a douche bag.

What are you giving up for Lent?

2 thoughts on “I’m Giving Up

  1. Haha. I love my pop too. Anything fizzy will do. I still haven’t decided what i want to give up, i guess ill pretend it is too late I have already ate everything i should of gave up! 🙂

    Fun post.

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