If It’s Snowing In Cleveland, It Must Almost Be Spring?

I swear last week was in the 50’s and that it rained most of this week. It’s possible that I dreamt that whole thing up considering the massive amounts of snow we have just received. Yesterday I heard we were getting 10-12 inches. Naturally I thought it was an over-exaggeration but mentally prepared myself for 3-5 inches and a long drive to work.

However, it was no exaggeration and I woke up to 8 inches of snow and it is still coming down. I hear we are getting about 3-5 inches.

Can't even read street signs in Cleveland. Picture from Channel 5 News
Picture from http://www.fox8.com/

So I had the pleasure of getting stuck on the shoreway this morning, not fun. However, I started to feel better when up to 8 cars also got stuck. Luckily, a good Samaritan stopped and pushed us all out of the slush we were stuck in. He was awesome, if I ever see him again I owe him a beer, a coffee and dinner, total life saver. I mean who does nice stuff like that anymore.

You would think my drive to work would be a piece of cake after that….haha…nope.

Yep a tree is blocking the entrance to my parking garage. Of all trees in Downtown Cleveland, it had to be this one, really?

I eventually made it to work and feel safe inside my building, however, I heard it is only getting worse outside. I think it’s safe to say I will not be grabbing that fish fry for lunch that I was drooling about, maybe I can make it to one after work. Also will not be picking up my race packet at lunch like I had planned.

But here is a sneak peak at the shirts for St. Malachi this year.

Despite this snow, I am still excited for the race tomorrow (I am even skipping a football game for it/secretly hoping it gets canceled.) I don’t think it will be a PR. Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow, especially #teamhighligher.

I will be sporting this awesome top tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “If It’s Snowing In Cleveland, It Must Almost Be Spring?

  1. I didn’t get my packet either. After I was done with work, I realized my car probably wouldn’t make it back up the hill you have to go down to get to McCarthy’s since I couldn’t even make it up the driveway, lol. So excited for tomorrow! Go #teamhighlighter!

  2. Good luck at the St Malachi tomorrow. I already had plans so I can’t do that one but I will be doing the Strongsville Strong next Saturday. I posted some pics I took at the beach today. It’s insane! I ran yesterday and it was raining. I was shocked when I woke up today and looked out the window!

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