Holy St. Malachi Hills

This weekend was the annual St. Malachi 5 Mile Run. Malachi is usually a somewhat hilly race with an uphill finish. But I can usually run a fairly good time and come close to my PR…but not on Saturday. There were some major changes to the course. Let me give you the run down of the course….

This year Hermes started the 2-mile and 5-mile at the same time (not Hermes fault, it was the city’s fault and recent constructions fault). So it was extra crowded at the start. You start the race going down hill, then you turn right and right again and then, “0h no!” That hill you used to run up to finish is at the beginning of the course and you have to run up it, but at least you get it over with at the beginning. After going up that steep hill, turn left (W.25th) then turn left again and go over the Veterans Memorial bridge. So yep another hill to go over. When you get to the bottom take a left onto W. 9th, go under the freeway and make a right (a little flat for a while, phew), make a left onto W. 3 and head downhill, around the Browns stadium and then back up hill. Make a left and pass Great Lakes Science Center and The Rock Hall. Then make a left and go downhill to Voinovich Park where you can turn around and yep run the course again. So run  up the hill to the Rock Hall and then back down and around the Browns stadium, up W.3rd which is killer and seems to go on forever. Then  I forget where we went but we end up back at the Veterans Memorial bridge (which for some reasons feels like a mountain at this point) and then finish the race just off of W. 25th. Wow I am exhausted thinking about that course. Holy Hills!

But as hard as this course was I would easily run it again.

So I was not even close to my PR. I ended up running 41:23 (also my slowest 5-mile time ever, I usually run under 40 mins). I was 38th in my age group out of 240 and 493rd overall out of 1889. Plus the other 2,000 2-mile runners I had to dodge for the first mile. Hills+getting over being sick does not equal a PR….incase you were wondering.

Oh and I got to meet some beautiful people/runners/bloggers/tweeters/awesome!

Kali, Me and Kimi Source: I am a thief! I stole from Kimi

What did everyone else think of the course? And is there a course in Cleveland that you think is more challenging?

8 thoughts on “Holy St. Malachi Hills

  1. Way to Go Jessica! Looks like you are in fine shape. I was going to jog or run Malachi as a tempo run since pulling a Glut muscle aside from ailing planter facitia. Unfortunately, needed long training run so headed out to Pine Hollow to run 25k. It went very well but not sure how ready I am for Fool’s 50k in two weeks.

  2. Good recap! It did make me cringe going over all those hills in my head again! Ha! I thought it was fun though, I’d do it again! You did great! I’ve ran more challenging 5k courses but this one was pretty close! There’s a 5k out here in Vermilion that is very cross-country style that you’ll have to come do! It’s a doozy. Can’t wait to see you at the Avon 5k in a few weeks!

  3. The only course I can think of that may be harder is the Cleveland Heroes 5-Miler in West Park. While it’s not consistently hilly, running up Hogsback Lane from the Metroparks is absolute misery. Plus, running on the trail down in the Metroparks is pretty rough, too. I’m still undecided on if Malachi is more challenging, but all I know is the long, lonely trek up Hogsback is dreadful!

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