Weekend Fun!

After being sick the past 2 weekends it was nice to have some fun. So I did 3 of my favorite things this weekend and then a few other random things.

1) Ran a race! After being sick I really needed this. And look at this awesome uphill picture someone took of me.

That's me in the neon green!

2) I hung out with some super cool people. At one of my favorite places, the Winking Lizard!


3) Went shopping. Good thing I didn’t give it up for Lent. But I was good, everything was on sale and I couldn’t pass it up!

How hot are these shoes? I can't wait to wear them!
Gotta have my shades. Now that the sun is out a little longer everyday.

Also stopped by to visit/feed my family’s cat since they are out of town.

The only time I could get her to sit still was when I fed her. And yes her cat food is on the piano bench, keeps it away from the dogs

Speaking of dogs I went to visit them too! 

Even with food they wouldn't sit still for a picture. If you can't tell there are 2 in the picture...next to Grandma's feet

And then the dreaded filling up gas for the week. I am going to have to start a fundraiser just to pay for my gas.


And then I topped off Sunday night with The Social Network. I was not excited to watch it but it was surprisingly good. I recommend it.

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