Waffle Iron Abuse…I Mean Fun

I recently bought a new waffle iron, and by recently I mean at least 2 months ago. My old waffle iron was a hand me down and I lost it in the many times I moved during and after college. I do love breakfast foods so a waffle iron was a good investment.

Black and Decker Waffle Iron

 However, I don’t really have time to cook waffles everyday and didn’t want my waffle iron to go to waste. So I experimented with other foods to see what I could make on my waffle iron….

Grilled Cheeses on the waffle iron

Pre-Grilled Cheese......excuse the white bread, it was all I had at the time


Post Grilled Cheese

I guess I should call these “Waffle Grilled Cheese” sandwiches. Best part is that you can break it off into halves or quarters or eat it as a whole. I prefer to eat mine in quarters, I am a sucker for mini foods.

I tried this out with other sandwiches, turkey and tuna, and all worked well and were delicious.

My experiments did not stop there. Next I tested cake mixes, brownie mixes and muffins.

Waffle Brownies

This is what they looked like before i took them out. Be careful not to over fill the waffle iron, it will spill out the sides and make a mess (I speak from experience). Also lightly spray the waffle iron with non-stick stuff.

Finished product with powdered sugar

Sorry the pic is a little blurry but it’s basically a plate of chocolatey goodness. They kind of look like chocolate waffles but they are definitely waffle brownies and they were amazing. THe cake ones and muffin ones came out very similar. And they come out a lot fast than actually having to put them in the oven.

Does anyone else abuse their appliances?

5 thoughts on “Waffle Iron Abuse…I Mean Fun

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