100 Push Ups

Not too long ago I was able to do 50 push ups in a row….the last few were a little/lot shaky. However, lately I have trouble doing 25 in a row. So I have decided to test out the 100 Push Ups app on my Ipod Touch. They won me over when they said it would take less than 30 mins a week.

The first thing they have you do is as many “good form” push ups as you can. I am a stickler for form (that’s the former gymnast in me but I was not a very good one).

Action Shot

I made it to 26, and my face was beat red and hot. How is this possible I am a marathoner! I feel out of shape…

Wow it wants me to start on Week 3? umm ok!

Ok not too out of shape it is having me start on week 3 since I could do more than 20 push ups.

Ok let's get this party started
14 that's it?

Hahaha, that’s what I thought. But after 14 it gave me a 1 min rest. Then I had to do 18, 14, 14 and 20+, all with a min rest in between. Total of 80 pushups…plus the 26 I did to test myself=106

After you complete all your push ups, you can go back and adjust the numbers, so if you only did 10 when you were supposed to do 14 or if you did more than you needed to you can adjust it then too…I don’t think I will have that problem.

Overall, I am sold on this app. Best $1.99 that I have ever spent. They also make this app for situps, lunges, squats and pull ups. I don’t think I will be purchasing the other apps but I like the idea of them and the simplicity.

Fact: I will have the best toned arms in Cleveland…just sayin’

Anyone else download workout apps?

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