Week 9 of Training

Feels good to finally post about training again. I feel 100% better and am back to logging lots of miles. Had to make a few adjustments to my training plan but I am back on marathon training track!

Monday: 5 miles (was sadly still recovering from Malachi hills and a long run)

Tuesday: Speedwork! My first speedwork in about 3 weeks. Times were slower than I wanted but I’ll take it. 6-800’s @ 3:34, 3:36, 3:32, 3:28, 3:26, 3:23.

Wednesday: 7 miles outside! Started the 100 push ups app program

Thursday: St. Patty’s Day/Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day/Push ups

Saturday: 14 miles, unfortunately I went out kinda early and it was cold so I only ran 3 miles outside and took the rest to the treadmill.

Sunday: 5 miles outside, push ups and did the Nike Butt Blaster (def sore from that)

Total Mileage: 36

Looking forward to a run outside today if the rain holds off. Also looking forward to the Soul to Sole 5k this weekend!

Not looking forward to the 30 degree temps that are heading our way. Pretty sure yesterday was the first day of spring.

This is not what spring should look like
Trail Closed 😦

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