Sole to Soul 5K

Normally, when I sign up for a race at the end of March/almost April, I expect the weather to be in the 50s. However, today when I went to race, it was about 25 degrees….not including the wind chill 😦 As you know I am a “soft runner” so this was not my cup of tea. Also I really hate to run in full length tights, I have yet to find a pair for us shorter people.

Being the trooper that I am I tried my best not to over dress and then stayed in the car as long as possible. About 15 mins before the race I went to attempt to warm up. After warming up I got to hang out with these lovely ladies:

Me, Kimi and Molly

This was the first time I got to meet Molly in real life and she is just as awesome as I thought she would be. She is running Boston later this year so everyone needs to wish her good luck!

I started the race a little faster than I had planned which is a problem I frequently have. My first mile was exactly where I wanted it to be, the second mile I started to slow down but I was able to pick it up for the third mile and ran it in under 7 mins. I finished 2nd in my age group with a time of 23:17, a 7:31 pace. Not a PR but I will blame the cold and my shoe coming untied at mile 2.34.

T-shirt from the race and my 2nd place age group medal

Next weekend I tackle the Towpath Half Marathon. Super pumped for a long distance race, lets just hope there is some warmer weather. The 40s are starting to sound warm about now.

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