Mmmm, C-Town Chow Down

I originally told myself that if it was not 40 degrees or warmer out that I was not going to go to the C-Town Chow Down, but I did. I also told myself that I wouldn’t blog about it because food reviews are not really my thing. However, I am breaking all the rules today and the food trucks are just way too awesome to not be blogged about. So here goes!

The lines at 11:05am

I headed down early because I have heard rumors that the lines can get pretty long. I really wanted to try out Dim and Den Sum but the line was already long when I got there so I decided to check out some other places.

The first place I went to was StrEat Mobile Bistro. I ordered the Lobster Truffle Pierogi and the Egg Benedict Roll. I had to wait a little bit for the food but it was worth it because both were amazing, like for real amazing. I was so blown away that I pretty much scarfed it down. And I didn’t take a picture because my hands were full, sorry.

Next, I headed over to the Fahrenheit truck. I was happy to see that it was one of the shortest lines there. I ordered the lamb sliders and the meatballs. There was no wait for the food to come out which was really nice since it was  so cold out. The lamb slider disappeared pretty fast but believe me it was fantastic. The meatballs were probably the best meatballs I have ever had. And that is saying a lot since I really don’t even like meatballs.

Fahrenheit Meatballs

By about 11:35 this was what the lines looked like.

Lines at 11:35am

Now I couldn’t leave this place without some dessert. So I stopped by Oh! Babycakes. I grabbed 2 red velvet cupcakes and 2 strawberry lemonade cupcakes. The strawberry lemonade ones were really good but I have yet to try the red velvet ones because I am in a food coma, zzzzz. 

Oh! BabyCakes Truck
You can never go wrong with cupcakes, mmmmm

If you cannot tell I was totally won over by the food trucks that invaded Tremont today. My only complaint would have to be the freezing cold temperatures, other than that everything was simply Delicious!

Have you checked out the food trucks? Who’s your favorite? 

6 thoughts on “Mmmm, C-Town Chow Down

  1. Now I am wishing we went earlier. We got there around 12:30 and the lines were crazy long. I got in line for Streat and Vic got in line for Jibaro. Well, an hour later, Streat only had buffalo mac n cheese, eggs benedict roll, and asian turkey sandwiches left while Jibaro ran out and was going to cook more (which was going to take another 20 min). Well, I got the mac n cheese (which was good) and we decided to go elsewhere. The Fahrenheit truck left shortly after we got there and Dim and Den Sum completely sold out by 2-ish. I am sad I did not get a cupcake too. O well, next time or that just means a trip to LaBella or a Cookie and Cupcake is needed.

    1. I was glad we went early, we had already decided on the drive over that if we had arrived early and it was too crowded that we were just going to head somewhere else. I have to admit it was worht the wait.

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