All Sorts Of Crazy

Awhile back I wrote a post about wanting to do the Goofy Challenge and I still fully intend on doing the Goofy Challenge….one day. The Goofy Challenge is an expensive race just to register for and then you have the hotel, flight and new running outfit. If things work out I hope to run the Goofy Challenge this year or next year.  But in the mean time I have found a new adventure to occupy my time.

A few days ago my twitter friend @Justin_MCL mentioned something about running a couple marathons to qualify for the Marathon Maniacs, instantly, he had my attention. I looked into this and then looked at the sweet shirts and it was love at first sight. I had to be apart of this awesomeness.

There are many different criteria that you can follow to be apart of the Marathon Maniacs. I am going for the Bronz Level……for now. I will need to complete 2 marathons in a 16 day time frame. The lucky marathons are the Cleveland Marathon (May 15) and the Buffalo Marathon (May 29).

The Buffalo Marathon boasts that it is flat, fast and scenic. That sounds fantastic to me. Who knows maybe i’ll even PR…twice…in the same month. Ok now I’m getting carried away. Must be the crazy part talking.

This is what Crazy looks like...

Since the Buffalo Marathon is on Memorial Day weekend, I have decided to make this a “Running Vacation”. I asked the Manchild if he wanted to go to Buffalo for a weekend, his eyes brightened and said “Yes” followed by “wait, are we going for a race?” hahaha he’s a smart one. I am thinking Buffalo for Saturday/Sunday and then maybe heading to Niagara for a day. If anyone has any Buffalo or Niagara places I need to check out let me know. Especially food places!

Any other maniacs out there?

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