Towpath Half Marathon

I have to confess that I have only ran on the Towpath a couple of times. I love it every time but I live so close to the Rocky River Metroparks that I take advantage of that more often. Also, I have a thing where I would rather just leave my house and go for a run rather than drive somewhere to get my run in. So when I heard about the Towpath Half Marathon this year, I jumped at the chance to run a race there.

I was very unfamiliar with where the race was to start so I picked up my race packet Saturday morning and did a mini tour of the area to see where I should park. Being a lifelong Clevelander I am surprised at all the places in Cleveland that I have not been or that I still get lost…alot.

When I woke up this morning it was a little chillier than I would have liked. My car said 35 but was supposed to warm up to about 45 later in the day. So I was freezing my tush off as usual. Ideally, I prefer it to be 50 at the start which will hopefully be soon. To the race I wore Nike Capri tights, Nike Dry fit long sleeve (neon green), headband for my ears and gloves.

The start of the race was downhill and everyone went flying past me. At first I thought it was the 5 milers but then I realized that the 5 milers started in a different spot. But I wanted to run my own race so ignored everyone passing me by. I was happy to see that most of them took off too fast and I was able to pass most of them by mile 2. At mile 2 was my favorite part of the towpath. You run over those 2 white bridges. In general I love running over or under bridges and on the freeway (on a closed course).

Being unfamiliar with most parts of the Towpath I was pretty lost at times. We did a couple differnet loops of the course. I was afraid a couple times that I missed a turn or was going the wrong way but I kept seeing Ryan and Beal on the course so I knew I was heading in the right direction. Here is a view of the course, don’t be fooled that it says that it is only 12.91 miles, everyone with a Garmin says that the course was actually 13.5. My Garmin stopped at mile 8 so I am no help on if that is true or not.

I would love to tell you that I PR’d but I did not. My Watch said I came in at about 1:45, the clock at the finish line did not agree. Results should be posted within 24 hours so I will post my official finish time when it is up. So for now official finish time= somewhere between 1:45 and 1:53

Awesome race shirts and finishers medals

Overall, I really like this course and the way it was run. There were plenty of water/Gatorade stops, Hammer gels, course was well marked so I couldn’t get lost, awesome race shirts and medals, food and beer at the finish line and unique age group awards. I did not place in my age group but it was a picture of the guy holding a car from the Lorain-Carnegie bridge. He has a name but I have no idea what it is, I am starting to sound like a bad Clevelander.

I am loving the race shirts for this race. The race shirts are a wicking material so I cannot wait to go run in it But I also wish I had one in cotton as well so that I could wear it out.

Does anyone wear their wicking shirts when they are not running?

11 thoughts on “Towpath Half Marathon

  1. Great job!! Love the shirts. I have a love/hate thing with wicking shirts from races… Great to run in but like you said… Can’t wear it out!

  2. Great race report! I think I will look at this race for next year. About tech shirts, I have one or two that I wear outside of running, but mostly, no. I prefer race shirts that are regular cotton. Great post again,

  3. Sounds like such a good race! I’m really jealous I didn’t run it today (work, ugh). I’m surprised though that the course wasn’t just straight out 13.1 with no turns or anything. Was there enough room on the course with people going both directions?

  4. Oh man, I would have been felt lost on that course too! I seriously have to do most of my runs out and back because I get lost and confused all the time. I chalk it up to being the most unobservant person ever. When it comes to driving, I am even worse!

    Nice job on the race! Are you getting excited for your full coming up?!

    As far as shirts go, I love cotton race shirts b/c I don’t like to wear tech gear shirts unless I’m working out. And I really don’t like short sleeve tech shirts, give me long sleeve or a racing singlet. Wouldn’t it be baller if races gave out singlets?

    The only tech shirt I wear out is one from one of the Columbus Marathons, it is one of the Nike Perfect Tees – so it is actually a tech shirt but feels like a vintage cotton tee. Awesome

  5. Good job Jess! I like wicking shirts when I run and I also like using them as a base layer for snowboarding over the under armor. I just started running on the towpath too and love it. I think I am going to do this race next year at rainign for my first full (CLE 2012)

  6. Congrats on your half! I love how bright that shirt is 🙂
    I have one wicking shirt that I wear when I’m not running, it’s Adidas and it kind of looks like a regular shirt even though it’s 100% that wicking material. I love it.

  7. Great post. Good seeing you on the course yesterday. I’ll catch you Saturday at the Spring Classic!

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