The Workout You Love To Hate

There are not many running workouts that I share with you, mostly because my workouts consist of speedwork, recovery runs and long runs. Kinda boring so there is not much to explain there. However, while trying to qualify for Boston I decided to try a different type of workout that I used to build and maintain speed I would need for Boston.

The name is, well, I really don’t have a name for it. I usually just refer to it as “that workout” or “ugh what was I thinking putting that in my plan”. I actually left it out of my plan for this marathon, not really sure why, but I did….

Oh, I remember now, because it’s hard.

So here is the workout:

  • Run 2 miles at your race goal pace. So for example last night I ran at a 7:47 pace for 2 miles (FYI-A 7:47 is not my race goal pace for the marathon, I was just feeling extra crazy yesterday)
  • Take a 2 minute recovery walk/jog (I recommend that you jog but if you need to walk, that works too)
  • Run 2 miles 20-30 seconds slower than your goal pace. So for example I was somewhere around  8:07 (After running at a your goal pace, your legs do not want to run at this speed, surprisingly, they want to go faster. Fight off that urge to go faster or you will not be able to finish the workout)
  • Take a 2 minute recovery walk/jog
  • Run 2 miles at your race goal pace. Here you will find it challenging to keep up your pace but do your best and finish strong.

This workout does not sound as hard as it looks but it can be a real doozy. If it is not hard then you need to run faster. If you are a new runner feel free to change it up and run 1 mile at goal pace, 1-2 miles at a slower pace and then another 1 mile at goal pace until you can build it up.

Let me know if any of you try this workout and how it works for you. I have a friend who is currently testing it out and can only do 2 miles at goal pace and 2 miles slower and then he is down for the count.

Happy Running and 36 days til the Cleveland Marathon and then 50 days til the Buffalo Marathon

P.S. Don’t forget I am raising money for Autism and still need your donations!

4 thoughts on “The Workout You Love To Hate

  1. I love how motivated you CLEfit folks are 🙂 I know someday I’ll get there, but being able to do a 5k in 40 minutes would make me happy 🙂 So I’ll keep chugging along.

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