Week 12 of Training

Not too bad of a running week and almost PR’d in the 10  mile! Just wish my weekend wasn’t so jam-packed so that I could have ran more and biked more!

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Speedwork, 7-800’s @ 3:17, 3:17, 3:23, 3:20, 3:20, 3:19 and 3:19. Not gonna lie, I really struggle with 800’s. Wanted to do 8 sets but barely made it to 7.

Wednesday: 6 easy miles

Thursday: my crazy workout that I swear almost go me a PR! 6 Miles of speedish work

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Spring Classic 10 Miler, plus warm up and cool down. 13 miles total. Wanted to do 20 total but had to drive to Toledo for a wedding shower.

Sunday: 8 miles, legs were really tired, also biked almost 10 miles. First time I have taken the bike out since last year when I crashed on it.

Total Mileage: 41

This weekend I am running the Old Oak Run 5K as part of the Road Race Series and probably a 20 miler this weekend!

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