Spring Classic 10 Miler

Saturday April 9th, the Cleveland West Road Runners put on the Spring Classic 10 miler and 5K. I have participated in the Spring Classic in the past when it was a 1/2 marathon so I was excited to try out the 10 mile course and to get some long miles in. Also needed to redeem myself from last weeks 1/2 marathon.

I arrived at the race about an hour early to score some decent parking and to pick up my race packet. I then went for a 2 mile warm up, I usually only do a mile but needed to get the miles in since I had to book it after the race. After 2 miles I was almost sweating and decided to take off a layer of clothing. I over-layer for most of my runs and have been trying ot correct that. I just hate being cold. I ended up wearing my Nike capri tights, and a tank top with a thin long sleeve over top. No gloves and no headband for this run.

I ran into @Beal88 and @clecraftbeerrun before the start of the race and said my hellos/goodlucks and then scoped out the competition. I didn’t see anyone that I recognized at least just by looking at them. But I did spot an older gentleman (who thankfully doesn’t read my blog especially since I just called him old) but we have run together in the past so I decided to try and pace with him for a couple of miles. When the race started I was happy to see that the 10 mile and the 5K didn’t start at the same time. (later on I kinda wish they did).

I was aiming to finish the race in about 1:18, a 7:48 pace. Somehow my first 2 miles were at a 7:15 pace, umm thanks old guy, but I can’t keep that up so I left him by mile 3 and slowed down to 7:30. As the miles went on I kept slowing down until I eventually settled into a 7:48 pace. I wasn’t really trying to slow myself down, I was trying to keep up the 7:30 pace, but it kinda slipped into 7:48. Surprisingly, I held that pace pretty well. I felt like I was running hard but not dying. Miles 4-8 went by pretty fast and with the walkers in the race and the 5Ker’s weeding themselves into the mix. It was nice to be able to keep passing people throughout the race…even if they weren’t really my competition.

My only complaint about the walkers in the race, mostly the 5K walkers, was that they were young and you could tell most of them have never participated in a race before. Real young, like grade schoolers. They didn’t have any respect for the runners and were all over the road. There were certain points where I felt like I was playing frogger and dodging in between all these kids.

Finally, I saw the 9 mile marker in the distance and knew I was almost there and looked down and my watch and eek! 8:02 pace. But also realized that in order to finish in my goal time of 1:18, I would have to run my last mile in under 11 mins, umm piece of cake, since I was under 8 for most of the race. I picked up my pace to 7:50ish and finished strong! Official finish time of 1:16:31, a 7:40 average pace. Good enough for 3rd in my age group and 7th female overall. Less than a minute off my PR, so I was extremely happy with my time.

One of the best things about this race is that they give out the age group awards as you cross the finish line so you do not have to wait. Which was good for me since I had to drive to Toledo for  a wedding shower. All 10 mile finishers received finishers medals and age group winners got plaques.

Love the pink shirts the ladies got for the race.

After this race I am really hoping for PR at the Hermes 10 miler in a couple weeks!

6 thoughts on “Spring Classic 10 Miler

  1. Awesome performance! So glad you like the event. I was at the 7 mile water stop and what a great day it was to run. Good luck at Herme’s. I hope to be out spectator or running along the course. God Speed! You will PR for sure at the Fall Classic but beware there are about 1000 registrants.

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