Old Oak Run 5K

This morning was the Old Oak Run, which is a 5K put on by Hermes Cleveland and Southwest General Hospital. I have to admit that the only reason I signed up for this race was because it is part of the Road Race Series. I ran it a couple years ago and honestly, I think I ran bad and just didn’t want to run it again. That’s a poor reason to not run a race.

On my drive to the race it was looking dark and cloudy and within mins of my drive it started pouring. Which happened to be a blessing in disguise since the first thing that popped in my head was “ugh, my garmin is gonna get wet” and then I realized that I left my garmy at home and had to go back to get it. Once I had my garmy I was ready to get to the race. I arrived at 8:15am, plenty of time to get my packet and warm-up. (p.s. it had stopped raining before I even got to the race)

The last shirt I got from thsi race would have been team highlighter approved. I swear that it glowed. I was slightly embarrassed to wear it in public and I am pretty sure I wore it to the Chicago marathon as a throw away shirt. I was happy to see that this years shirt was toned down and something I will wear often.


I did a 1.5 mile warm-up and in that time I ran into some pretty strong wind. The course is out and back so I was really hoping that we would run into the wind first and get it over with and have it at our backs for the finish. About 15 mins before the start, everyone started heading over to the starting area. Seemed a little early to me so I waited til about 10 mins before. I was pretty cold standing at the starting line waiting for it to start but how is that different from any other race lately. When am I not complaining about being cold. Don’t worry soon enough you will get to hear me complain about it being too hot.

My goal for this race was to run get my time into the 22’s. I used to run in the 22’s on a bad day but lately most of my times have been in the 23’s. So with the goal of 22:59 or faster I was ready for this race. As the gun went off I took off and tried to tell myself not to take off too fast. Which I do a lot. Not long after the start of the race there was some major wind gusts. I felt like I was running through a wall with a 50lb backpack on. I pushed on, even though I was passed by a couple people. Eventually the wind let up and I was able to keep up a decent pace. At mile 1 the guy shouting out the times said 6:40, my watch said 7 on the dot. Not gonna lie, I could not keep up that pace so I slowed it down to somewhere around 7:20-7:30 (I try not to look at my watch too much so I do not have the exact numbers). I assumed the water stop was the halfway point and there were on and off wind gusts so I tried to pick up my pace a little bit. Mile 2 showed up before I knew it so I tried to maintain the speed I had. When I saw the 3 mile mark ahead I glanced at my watch and knew I was going to go  under 23 mins but tried to pick up my pace as much as I could to finish strong.

I ended up with a finish time of 22:27 and that put me at 1st in my age group! Not quite a PR but still an awesome race. I ran a whole minute faster than the last 5K I ran.

Age group award coasters! I love it!

I was in good company at the 5K today. Steph, Jen and Kali were at the race. Steph and Kali ran PR’s, way to go ladies and Jen completed her first 5K ever which I guess is also a PR!

Jen crossing the finish line of her first 5K!
Post Race Picture

Next race on the calendar is the Hermes 10 Miler. One of my all time favorite races and places to run. Really Really hoping for a PR. I will be happy to at least run close to my PR.

P.S. Been having a little bit of Boston envy lately. So to make myself feel better I wore my Boston Marathon jacket to the race. The looks you get when wearing that jacket at a race are awesome.

I am awkwardly ducking in this pic becasue I though the camera wasn't far enough away and I didn't want to cut off my head. Obviously, it was far enough away and I just think I a taller than I really am.

6 thoughts on “Old Oak Run 5K

  1. I remember being in Columbus for the marathon and seeing people in Boston jackets at the expo and I turned to my dad and said “I’m going to get one of those.” It may or may not be a huge part of my Boston obsession 🙂

    Great job today! I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you! We’ll have to figure out a place for everyone to meet up before the 10 miler!

  2. Great job and congrats on being first in your age group! I’ll take the “sort of” PR…and now I have a goal for my next 5K. Great finally meeting you face-to-face, too!

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