Marathon Expo=Mall For Runners

 I have a confession to make, one that I am actually not to ashamed of. But every year before a marathon expo I creep on the marathon website and see who is listed to be a vendor at the expo. It doesn’t stop there. I then go to the vendors websites and pick out what I want to pick up at the expo.

Usually, my expo shopping consists of buying at least 1 new shirt, gels, powerbars, headbands and stickers/magnets. Unless it’s Boston and in that case I pretty much buy everything that I can afford….and then some 🙂

Last year at the Cleveland Expo, I was unemployed and had told myself no shopping. I was on a mission to grab my packet and leave….that lasted about a whole 2 secs. First, I decided it would be ok to just walk around and look, and maybe if I found something I really needed I could find it online or wait til it was on sale. Second, I decided I should buy myself something small, at least as a memento. (and so it began)

My first stop was to the Cleveland Marathon gear section. I really wanted the jacket and I am pretty sure every year I want the jacket, but I was on a budget so I had to step away from the jacket 😦 However, I did pick up an awesome white tee with pink writing that said “Run CLE”. I still wear it all the time….even though I spilled taco sauce on the front.


I also stopped at the One More Mile booth. They have a large selection of clothing, mugs, stickers etc. I really tried to not get something I swear. But I narrowed it down to a shirt and a mug and then ended up going with just the shirt.

Actually it's more of a hoodie. Across the front it says "If found on ground please drag across finish line"

A couple headbands and gu packets later, I was well over what I had intended to spend….oops

This year I am planning on my usual stocking up of headbands (Bondibands will be there), gu and Cleveland Marathon gear. (I am a sucker for anything Cleveland and running, add pink and I am sold!) Maybe, I’ll even break down and get a jacket this year…

Stay tuned and I will update what I actually end up getting at the expo, hoping I will spend less than last year but let’s not hold our breath on that one. I am a bit of a shopaholic.

Here you can find a link to all the vendors that will be at the Cleveland Marathon Expo this year. Also note that the expo has moved this year and will be at the Great Lakes Expo Center in Euclid.

P.S. Lululemon Athletica will be there

7 thoughts on “Marathon Expo=Mall For Runners

  1. Soooo – When you invited me to go with you to the expo, were you really just hoping I’d come with my credit card ready or did you want to spend some quality time together!!!

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