Lakewood Ambulance Chase 5K

I have to apologize for the lack of pictures in this post but it was cold and rainy and no one really wants to see what I look like soaking wet.

When I left to get to the race it was barely drizzling, I can deal with that. It was also almost 60 degrees. Pretty warm for Cleveland these days. However, by the time I got to the race, a whole 10 minute drive down the road, it was full out pouring rain. So I did what any “soft runner” would do. I sat in the car for as long as I could and pretty much skipped a proper warm up. I couldn’t decide which was worse: a.) to stay warm and not be warmed up or        b.) be be cold and wet the entire time. I pretty much went with a, but jogged to the start line and jumped in place to keep warm.

These 5K’s that take place in Lakewood are my favs. They are very flat courses and start and end at Lakewood Park. So it’s pretty hard to not run a good time. My goal was to not go out too fast and to run around 22:30.

The race started and I was farther back in the pack than usual which was good because I was able to resist starting out too fast. First mile was at 7:05, I would have liked it to be under 7 but that was close enough. By the time I neared the 2nd mile I was at a comfortable 7:22 pace and was trying to pick it up because my 2nd miles are always the slowest and I want to work on that.

As I neared mile 3 I had that “omg if I run any faster I am going to puke all over myself” Luckily, I skipped breakfast so I would have embarrassingly dry-heaved. But I slowed down for about 30 secs to give my stomach a chance to calm down. I looked at my watch and was very close to coming in at under 22mins! I tried my best to pick it up but that pukey feeling stayed with me. I did what I could and sprinted to the finish line (and passed a dude! I love beating the boys) and had a finish time of 22:14. Best 5K time so far this year and was good enough for 1st in my age group! Holla! And I dry-heaved at the finish, hot, I know.

Super happy and pumped with how I did at this race. I see a PR on this course in my future. Also, happy that this race is part of the Road Races Series so I get major points today. Baller! Sadly, I registered late so I did not get a t-shirt, but they are ordering more so I will get one soon. Also, I didn’t stay for awards because I was cold and wet so I didn’t get to pick up my 1st place trophy 😦 Hopefully, I can pick it up sometime soon and will post pics then. For now you will have to deal with this pic.

Yep that is an empty chocolate milk. My favorite post-race refuel!

 Next race is The CLEVELAND MARATHON! Totally pumped. Although I am kinda thinking about running a 10 miler in Huron next weekend. Haven’t fully decided on that one.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go take a shower before my massage. Legs need a reward for all their hard work.

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