Latitude 41°n

I have seriously driven by Latitude 41 N hundreds of times and every time I pass it I say how much I want to go there. Well while out for a Saturday drive this past weekend (I’ll explain that in another post), I finally stopped in for dinner.

Usually when I walk into a restaurant I take forever to decide. Seriously, it’s annoying. I will also ask everyone what they are getting a thousand times. Even more annoying. The problem is I am hungry and want to try everything on the menu but somehow need to narrow it down to just one meal. Ugh, the problems in my life.

Luckily, it was recommended to us to try the Island of Lesbos Pizza or one of the many Latitude Attitudes on the menu. So believe it or not I was the first one ready to order. This never happens. #miracle

 I went with the Rotisserie Roasted Chicken Salad Latitude Attitude with a side salad. While my partner in crime went with the Country Club Latitude Attitude with a side of french fries.

Latitude Attitudes Pre Devoured

 If you can’t tell from the awesome photography skills, these are basically like a calzone. However, I am not really sure if I have ever actually had a calzone….I need to get out more.

If I had to vote which was better I would say mine because I love chicken salad stuff. The country club one was really good too I am just not a big fan of bacon in or on my food. (Naked bacon! Eat it on its own!)

If you are in the Gordon Park area I highly recommend that you check this place out. I will be back again soon.

 Has anyone else been here? I hear they have an awesome brunch.

P.S. Still need help to meet my fundraising goal!

You can donate to this cause through my fundraising page.  http://www.active.com/donate/runforautism11/mojamala2

6 thoughts on “Latitude 41°n

  1. We had a restaurant.com gift certificate there, so we tried it out one night. I remember the portions being HUGE, the food being solid and the staff being uber cool. If we lived in that neighborhood, we’d be there more often.

  2. Hey there girl,
    I’ve eaten at 41N. Met my Insurance Agent there. He writes their insurance. Awesome morning special. Like $3.50 or something….

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