Run For Autism

With only 12 days to go I am only $310 short of my fundraising goal for Autism. I need you to help me to reach my goal. Your donation will help fund practical research studies for those living with autism and provide information to parents, families, and professionals in decisions concerning treatments, education, employment and life care.

You can donate to this cause through my fundraising page.  http://www.active.com/donate/runforautism11/mojamala2

You should also know that I bedazzled singlet for the Cleveland Marathon and I put my nickname on the back so it would be nice to wear it proudly and say “I met my findraising goal!”

Front with Blingity Bling

 In true “Moja” fashion I have already spilled something on the front of it. I do this to 90% of everything I wear and I still plan on wearing it, as I do everything that I spill on.

Back with the Blingity Bling

12 Days and Counting til the CLEVELAND MARATHON!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Run For Autism

  1. That bedazzled race singlet rocks! Love it!!! Excited to meet you in Cleveland as well and good luck with your fundraising goal. I raised funds for Operation Jack/Train4Autism last year and I found the blogging community to be so very generous.

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