Tour de Cleveland Marathon

Last Saturday I did what every Cleveland Marathon Runner would do on an afternoon drive….I drove the ENTIRE (well almost) Cleveland Marathon course! I say almost because a couple streets were one-way streets and I would have had to go in the wrong direction and I like to keep my law breaking to a minimum. 

Cleveland Marathon 2011 Course

 As you may have heard the course starts uphill (insert gasp!). Which is awesome because we get it over with early! (insert positivity) 

This is the view going up the hill. From my car it doesn't look so bad.

The course this year starts and ends at the Browns Stadium ( well I think it ends a little before the browns stadium but close enough).

And it is flat for the most part.


There are very few hills and as long as there is no wind or rain it should be a very good day to run.

I intended to post pictures throughout the entire course but I got “click” happy and ended up taking over 130 pictures. But I’ll share some of my favorites along the way.

The Cleveland Browns Stadium
City of Cleveland! We pass this at the beginning of the race. It will be on your left.
West Side Market and yes that is the Goodyear blimp in the background
I never remember what these are called but I love them. They are on the Lorain/Carnegie Bridge.
MLK bridges. I don't know why but I love running under or over bridges and freeways.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
This is pretty much the end of the course. Yes that's the Browns Stadium in the distance. Rock Hall will be on the right. Screaming crowds and fans will be all over!

So that’s the course in a nutshell. If you have a chance I recommend driving the course so that you are familiar with it.

Also, if you are able I am still raising money for Autism and could really use your donations to meet my goal!  http://www.active.com/donate/runforautism11/mojamala2

P.S. Also saw this on my Tour de Cleveland Marathon

I am not sure what kind of bike tour this was but I wanna join! There were at least 50 riders.

8 thoughts on “Tour de Cleveland Marathon

  1. Hey there,
    you’re a real marathon junkie….I remember taking the course tour at Boston for nostalgia purposes but usually like the surprize on race day other than viewing the elavation or course description online so I don’t get lost. LoL…..wish I was in shape or I could probably keep up with you but I’ll be somewhere in the back of the pack…someone has to….maybe I could help some ‘newbie’ finish thier first!!

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