It Will Not Rain On Marathon Day

If you are taper crazy like me you have probably checked the weather daily/hourly and have noticed that there is a 60% chance that it will rain on Sunday. There is also a 40% chance that it will not rain. So with that information I have put in a call to Mother Nature, actually, I tweeted her. I figured that would be the best way to reach her.

Dear Mother Nature, please move that 60% chance of showers on Sunday to any other day. Or anytime after 3pm. Thanks, Moja

My marathon outfit (pictures coming later this week) consist of shorts and my autism shirt. Which I bedazzled and pretty sure if it rains my bedazzles will fall off. I will also have my Nike pink and black shoes. That, umm, smell really really bad. I ran in the rain with them a couple of times alot and they are about done. So if it rains, at least I will have on my already smelly shoes.

I am really really hoping that it does not rain. But if for some reason that it does I wanted to share some tips for running in the rain.

  • Wear a garbage bag to the start. Yes you will look stupid and I will point and laugh (sorry). But you will also be warm and dry.
  • Wear a hat to keep the rain out of your face. That brim could be your new BFF.
  • Load up on the BodyGlide, Vaseline or any anti-chafing magic.
  • Don’t throw on a bunch of layers and think you will stay warm and dry. You will end up wet but what’s worse is your clothes will be heavy.
  • Bring an extra pair of shoes and socks. Wear old shoes before the race and switch to the shoes you will run in closer to the start. Also helps to have a pair of shoes and socks for after the race as well.
  • Wear wicking material. You should be wearing wicking material anyways but even more so in the rain.
  • Don’t slip or trip. Avoid puddles, they may have a pothole just waiting to capture a runner and those white painted lines on the street, they are slippery.
  • Also, try running really fast between the rain drops 😉

Now that you all know how to run in the rain, prepare yourselves to run in the rain, but new outfits and stress out for it. It won’t rain! Phew, catastrophe averted.

On a serious note, rare, I know. Have FUN! You trained hard for this race so weather whether it is raining or shining get our there and kick that course’s guza! butt!

P.S. I may have cheated and rain an entire 20 miler in the rain! Muahahahahahahaha!

Anyone have any other tips for running in the rain??? Have you ever ran a race or marathon in the rain?

11 thoughts on “It Will Not Rain On Marathon Day

  1. We did several very long pre-marathon training runs through the outer bands of 3 different hurricanes. Does that count? Man those were crazy days. If the schedule said 22 miles, that’s what we were gonna do, police restrictions on being outside be-damned.

    Anyway, are you sure your shoes aren’t shot? ‘Cause running a marathon in shot shoes could be a disaster in the making, rain or shine. I’d try a long run in them to make triple-sure.

    1. Shoes aren’t shot yet, but man do they smell. I left them in my car over night and the next day I thought something had crawled in my car and died. Hurricane runs sound fun, where do I sign up lol

  2. I have never ran a race in the pouring rain, but I have raced in every other kind of weather (including snow). Here’s to keeping that streak alive!

  3. I keep checking the weather for you guys who are running on Sunday, too! Haha.
    I ran in a downpour in Pittsburgh last year – seriously, the rain was coming down sideways!
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you……. 🙂

  4. The Cinci half was a wet one. Luckily, it stopped mid-race but the damage was done! I wish I would have put some Vaseline on because I still have an uncomfortable mark where my ipod lives on the inside of my arm! See you Sunday (maybe ;))

  5. Bodyglide is for wimps! I rarely chaffe. It’s gonna be too warm for garbage bag unless its a downpour which assured me it won’t be. At least it will be warm I’m a freeze-baby and don’t run when it’s cold and raw. It’ll be hard to run fast due to lack of training and just would like to finish under 4 hours, ie. training run for Mohican 50-miler.

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