Race Memorabilia

Do you know what this is???

If you guessed 20 years worth of Cleveland Marathon (Rite-Aid/Revco) race memorabilia, then you are a winner! This obviously is not my race memorabilia but it is my friend Joe’s. I met Joe at a race a couple years ago and I consistently see him at local Cleveland races and we occasionally meet up for long runs. I know he regularly runs the Cleveland Marathon races but I did not know he had saved it all. He admitted he is missing a 2005 bib but while digging this out he did find a race bag from 1999 that still had a cliff bar in it (let’s hope he didn’t eat it)

I save all my stuff and hope to have a collection like this one day. Sadly, my race medals are all in a box in my living room, my bibs are crumpled in a drawer somewhere and the shirts are everywhere. But I swear I have saved it all. I would dig it out and take a pic of my own but sitting on the couch eating swedish fish has my full attention.

Do you save your race bibs, shirts, etc? Do you do anything special with them?

9 thoughts on “Race Memorabilia

  1. I met Joe last week when I joined Second Sole’s running group! I forgot to tell you I did!

    And I hope my future husband will be ok with me having a “running room.” I plan on having a room to hang up every single bib and medal because I like having them all where I can look at them and think “yeah, you did that!” lol.

    1. Joe is awesome, so glad you got to meet him!

      I am in the process of turning a room in my condo to a “running room” pics coming soon. It’s my between marathons project.

  2. I have framed some of the more special bibs, but I generally just write the time, distance and date on the back and then put them in my filing box. Everytime I move, I end up going through that box and taking out my bibs to relive those races a bit…it’s so fun!

  3. I save all that stuff too. Ok maybe not all the cotton’s from 5k’s but the rest for sure. Love Joe’s collection, that is def something to aspire towards.

    Hoping to meet you this weekend too! Are you going to meet up before the race at the Renaissance?

  4. I usually have every intention of saving my bibs, but then I realize i have nothing to do with them, so they get tossed after about a month. I do save medals and good shirts though!

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