Best Race Photos EVER!

Ok maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration but seriously I take the worst race photos. Most of my run photos I 1.) look like I am dying 2.) look like I hate running 3.) have someone running in front of me so you barely see me and 4.) look like I have huge thunderous thighs. 5.) get cut off in my picture. If you agree with number 4, I will punch you!

I was slighly disappointed when after the  Cleveland marathon the Manchild forgot to bring the camera so he didn’t get any photos and my Mom didn’t get any good shots either because there was a large crowd, when I passed.

However, the Cleveland Marathon paparazzi found me and snapped some saweet photos!

This first photo is not one one them. But just had to show you the “ugh I’m dying” look, how people always mess up my pics! Who is that guy, get out of my picture. Oh and how I get cut off.

This is how most of my pics turn out.

 Now on to the good pics.

Is that a smile?
And another smile? What am I doing with my hand, a thumbs up maybe?

 I am pretty sure I did not see the camera man (or woman) on the course so I am really curious as to what I was smiling at. Funny sign, family, cute boys, screaming fans? Whatever it is I hope more of my running pics come out looking like this!

8 thoughts on “Best Race Photos EVER!

  1. Those are great photos. Mine did not turn out too well . . . mostly because they seemed to catch me in mid-yell/cheer or waiving my arms at the crowd. I hear a lot, a lot of people don’t have any photos up 😦 You’ve inspired me, next marathon I am going to smile and go into model mode each time I think a camera is near.

  2. that is awesome, I am so jealous. How in the world did I miss all the camera people??? I usually try to smile!!! I was behind about three people at the finish and you can’t see me cause I’m only 5 feet tall…ugh, and the same thing happened after my last marathon. I need to work on finishing without people around so I can get a good pic!

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