Sorry this recap is a little later than usual but the weather was just too beautiful this weekend and I was out enjoying every minute of it. The sunburn on my shoulders proves it.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early and had the Hyland Software 5K in the back of my mind but wasn’t 100% sure if I should run it. 6 days after a marathon seemed a little soon but my legs felt good and it was gorgeous out so I eventually made a last minute decision to run it.

I overdressed as usual but less so than I normally do. I was tempted to wear capris since a razor hadn’t seen my legs in at least a week (TMI, I know) but I settled for a pair of shorts and my pink Cleveland Marathon shirt. I could have easily went with a tank top but I was not expecting the warm temps so early in the day.

Since I decided to run this race last minute I didn’t preregister and they ran out of shirts for the race day participants 😦 However, they said they would mail them out at a later date and are ordering more 🙂

My goal for the race was to finish in under 22:20 and to run 7 min miles for the first 2 miles. Well the race started and by mile 1 I was at a 7:05 pace and realized that my legs were still pretty dead from the marathon and then I just went down hill from there. By mile 2 I was struggling to keep it under a 7:50 pace and could not get my legs to move any faster. The good thing was that my legs didn’t hurt they were just tired and not ready to be racing. So at mile 2.5 I decided to work on my form aka stop taking baby choppy steps and work on strides and to go under 23 mins.

My official finish time was 23:32, 7:36 pace and 6th in my age group. Not quite under 23 minutes. No worries though, it was a beautiful day, the course for the race was really flat and I got to run a 5K.

I also got to hang out with my favorite Cousin-In-Law, who rocked the race with a time of 19:38. She also became a Boston Marathoner this past April!

A whole lotta pink going on in this picture!

 I got to hang out with the overall female winner! She finished with a time of 18:54! Also a Boston Marathoner!

How hot are those shades? I am super jealous!

I think Hyland Software has a slide in their building? This totally beats taking the stairs or the elevator.

I need this in my future house!

And even though I haven’t ran with the Second Sole running group in almost a year, they still invited me to hang out at brunch after the race. I also promised I would come back and run with them again.

Second Solers

 Buffalo Marathon is this weekend! Which is crazy because I swear I just ran a marathon….

Anyone else race this weekend? Anyone else run with an organized group? Maybe I am biased but Second Sole in Rocky River is the best!

2 thoughts on “Hy-5K

  1. I think I’d be more excited to go to work if there was a slide. Seriously awesome.
    And great 5K! So impressive that you got out there so soon after your marathon. Great job 🙂

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