Frrrriday Favs!

I’ve decided to slowly share more non-running things with you and I am going to start by adding a Frrrriday Favs post, every Friday, for the rest of my life. Just kidding….or maybe not. It will be pretty much anything from my favorite foods, clothing, people, places, races (ok a little running) or food. Hmm I said food twice, there will probably be a lot of about food. Eat your lunch before reading my Friday Favs. Except for today because today I am sharing one of my favorite places.

Last weekend it was so nice that I ventured out to Olmsted Falls to visit my favorite covered bridge and park and to take some new pics 🙂


The water was pretty high from all the rain we have had lately, but last summer I took my Mom and Sister here and we were able to walk through the water it was so low.

If you are blind and my pictures do not do justice then you def need to go check it out. It’s a very small park, probably like a mile at the most if you walk all the paths.

This is probably my favorite park on the Westside and it’s not that far from North Olmsted mall!

Have you ever been here? I’ve heard something about natural slides here, has anyone heard this? Where is your favorite place?

3 thoughts on “Frrrriday Favs!

  1. I love that park! I live right by there and it is beautiful in all seasons. There is a wine shop on Columbia that has wine tastings every weekend. Porch included that looks over the water 🙂

  2. So I’m pretty sure I have a photo of me and my siblings in the entrance of that bridge (that kind of looks like a house with a tunnel through it :)) from when I was like 4. We were on a family road trip to Ohio, and I’m pretty sure we stopped there. From what I remember it was pretty and fun!

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