Lucky Number 7

Haven’t blogged too much about this but I am running lucky marathon number 7 this weekend!

Buffalo Marathon!!!!

 I am pretty pumped up for this race. I have heard from many people that the course is flat and fast! Not gonna lie I am gunning for a PR, even if it is only a couple minute, second or millisecond (is there a such thing as millisecond? did I just make that up?) PR.

This race is at least half the size of the Cleveland Marathon so it should be less crowded and easier for me to stick with my pace group. Also should be easier for me to score some awesome race photos, aka photos of me smiling and not dying.

Mentally and physically I feel ready for this race. However, I have not packed, picked out a race outfit or a new playlist. I need to get on this stat!

Like most races I have checked the weather multiple times a day and have been fairly happy with the results….until today.

Umm WTF Mother Nature!

I swear yesterday the forecast was a high of 74 and a low of 64 and partly cloudy. And now depending on which of the 5 sites I am checking I get anything from a high of 77 with thunderstorms to a high of 84 with scattered showers.

It can rain on my parade any day…but i’ll still be running! And after this race I will be a Marathon Maniac!!!!!!

What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend? Do you enjoy running in the rain?

11 thoughts on “Lucky Number 7

  1. Congrats! Best of luck to you!

    As for running in the rain, I don’t mind as long as it’s a light rain, nothing too hard, driving and definitely no lightning.

  2. You’re a beast, Jess! Good luck to you. I’ll be checking the site like crazy on Sunday morning, you maniac!

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