A Buffalo Mission

Sorry this post is not about how I melted and then cried while running the Buffalo Marathon in 80+ humidity and 80+ degree temps with the sun beaming down on me, causing bad sunburn,  bad tan lines and “Moja Meltdown”. I need another day, it’s just too soon (insert dramatic cry and tear shedding here).

I decided to go on a side adventure while in Buffalo to take pictures with as many Buffalo as I could find! And Go!

The Expo Buffalo

 Look at all those bags. I scored some good items at the expo!

ManChild feeding the Buffalo

 He is feeding the buffalo my car keys. That poor buffalo…

Buffalo spotting on Elmwood Ave
Buffalo spotting on Elmwood Ave
Buffalo spotting at the bookstore

 FYI- I hate flat brimmed hats. I hope they go out of style really soon.

Is it just me or does this pic look like I am missing a tooth?
Post Marathon I found me a buffalo!
Yet another Buffalo is being fed my keys.
This poor guy was stuck inside a store but I still managed a pic
And Buffalo at the Bisons game.

 I spotted at least 8 more buffalo in Buffalo that I wanted to take pictures with so I guess I will have to go back to Buffalo soon.

Have you ever been to Buffalo? Do you go on “missions”?Do you dislike flat brim hats (please say yes)?

12 thoughts on “A Buffalo Mission

  1. I live near Buffalo and ran the half marathon! It was SO hot and humid the whole time. I was so glad I didn’t run the full–but you are a rock star for finishing! 🙂

  2. Flat Brim Hats… Yes – I hate them… And I love going on Missions… Once I went on a mission to find as many people that spoke English as the 2nd language while in Ft Myers. I found 32 in about 2 hours, including a Burger King in where I thought I was going to have to order in Spanish!

  3. Flat brim hats are stupid looking. I wear a serious number of hats to protect my shaved head, and you will never find me one!

    Last time I went to Buffalo a friend of mine sent me on a mission to find a Mighty Taco. Mission accomplished, twice.

  4. I agree on flat-brimmed hats. I went on a road trip to Buffalo the summer after my freshman year in college and we definitely did lots of Buffalo-spotting!

  5. Thanks for visiting my bloggy and I’m pumped to meet you in Vegas! You look adorable in your pics!! Glad you made this post more than just the race!

    Omigosh…80 degree marathon weather. I’m so sorry–I totally feel your pain since my last one. I look forward to reading your thoughts regardless!!!

  6. I don’t see anything about ICE CREAM!!!! The original mission involved going to the grocery store at strange hours to buy ice cream and toppings so we could go home and pig out!!! Come on – you’re forgetting your roots!!!!

    Mmmm!! I think I need to go out for ice cream. I’ll take your sister – she respects a true mission!!

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