B-Lo Take 2

After running a grueling 4+ hour marathon I really needed a shower, nap and a margarita water. However, my hotel did not have a late check out so instead pulled out my secret talent and changed in public. I performed for 14 years with a Tambura group so I have mastered changing in public pretty well.

I easily went from this:

Race Clothes

 To this:


 I had a few hours left in Buffalo and still had a couple stops to make to complete my trip. Nothing beats going to a baseball game with your marathon medal on. So many people congratulated me, I felt like a rock star.

Bison Baseball Game

 I failed twice at the baseball game. First I thought it was called Dunn Tire Park but it’s actually Coca-Cola Field. I wasn’t even close. Also, thought they were the Indians Triple A team but they are actually the Mets. Whatever site I got my Buffalo info off of was a little behind and I obviously don’t know a whole lot about baseball. However, I did spot a sno-cone rows away and had to have one.

Sno-Cones are my BFFs

 I am now convinced that instead of chocolate milk at the finish line they need to have sno-cones. It’s a winning combination, especially on a hot day. And I may have a deep love for sno-cones.

Next stop on my B-Lo list was a recommendation from my Maniac friend Justin. He said I had to have a Mighty Taco. I wasn’t sure if it was a thing or place, his answer was “both”. I don’t really like tacos I just like anything I can put sour cream on and post marathon I will eat just about anything.

It's All About You!
My first Mighty Taco

 I was blown away by Mighty Taco. It was soooooo good. Yes it is fast food and Yes it is better than Taco Bell and it will give Chipotle a run for the money. Why don’t we have one in Ohio? If I could go back in time I would skip everything else I ate in Buffalo just to eat Mighty Tacos all weekend long. Ok that’s a little bit of an exaggeration but for realz, it was good.

Next I had to stop at Tim Hortons to wake me out of my food coma. For those of you that have not experienced the magic that is called Tim Hortons, you better get on it.

Hello French Vanilla Cappucino

 The closet Tim Hortons in Cleveland I believe is in Toledo. So whenever I spot one I have stop in and grab my fav coffee. Pretty sure I stopped at 3 Tim Hortons while on this trip.

I was pretty sad to have to leave Buffalo but I was so close to Niagara Falls I just had to see it for the 12th time in my life (I made up that number but it’s probably close to that). Getting out of Buffalo proved to be a little hard than I thought, the bridge that GPS wanted me to take was closed but luckily through the many detours that I could not figure out (blonde), I was able to add another funny sign to my collection.

I am curious to how this sign ended up upside down.

 I never thought I would say this but I can’t wait to go back to Buffalo! It was great..minus that whole meltdown I had during the marathon.

Have you ever had Tim Hortons or Mighty Taco?

7 thoughts on “B-Lo Take 2

  1. I’ve tried Tim Hortons… Dare I say, I’m not a fan. Mighty Taco on the other hand sounds amazing… I’m sure it’d be worth the trip 😉 I love going to Canada, I’ve never actually stopped and explored Buffalo at all. The goal is usually to get through as fast as possible so I can enjoy vacation ASAP 🙂

  2. Major props on the change in public! I will admit I changed in a car inside a parking garage once. LOL. And we had a mixed genders groups so like we had to take turns changing and the others kept on watch for creepers. Muah haha!

    I also give you major props for marathoning and not completely crashing afterward. I was worthless after my half. Cannot imagine going out to a game or anything after!

  3. I’m impressed that you could change and go out after running a marathon! I would such a sweaty piece – it would not be pretty.
    I’ve never had Mighty Taco or Tim Hortons!

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