Canada…Exploring America’s Hat

Niagara Falls Day 1

If there is one thing you need to know about Niagara Falls, it is that they are not known for their food. Most of the places around the falls are chain restaurants. The same that I can get at home (minus Tim Hortons). However, I have a knack for finding a good restaurant and located a pizzeria in the middle of all the chains. Hello Antica’s Pizzeria!

DSCN0555   DSCN0557 DSCN0560 

Excuse my super tired look. I ran a marathon, walked for hours after that, was still dehydrated, sunburnt and then ate beer and pizza so I was wiped out. I had a really hard time keeping my eyes open if you can’t tell.

After falling in love with sponge candy in Buffalo and then eating it all. I was very happy to find Sponge Toffee in Canada!!!!


It was chewier and crunchier than I thought it would be but it was still really good (just don’t tell my dentist). If I had to pick between sponge toffee and sponge candy, I would easily go with sponge candy. Even though I perked up a bit for candy, I was still beat so I ended up calling it an early night. Sorry no crazy partying in Canada.

Niagara Falls Day 2


I was wayyyy too excited to find good parking in the morning. It was also 9am and no one else was probably even close to awake. I like to get an early start and wanted to beat all the tourists to the falls.

My excitement faded when I got to the falls and saw this.

          DSCN0566  DSCN0580

It was so foggy that you could not see anything. Niagara Falls Falls, you have failed me Sad smile

It was pretty early in the morning so  I decided to waste some time at the casino hoping for the fog to lift. Gambling is not my thing but I lost $10 on slot machines and called it quits. I have a feeling I will never have a gambling problem.

With the mecca of fast food chains around us we settled for Anticas…again. I swear it was even better the second time.

DSCN0589 DSCN0593 DSCN0590

Day 2 in Niagara and we ordered the exact same pizza and sat in the exact same seats. Except this time I wasn’t tired, I was really bored though so we took a whole lot of pictures while we waited.

Checked the falls one last time and was still too foggy to see anything Sad smile so we headed back to the USA.


It took about 5 mins to get into Canada. To get out of Canada was another story. It took FOREVER!!!!


Ok ok it didn’t take forever, it took about 20 mins. I have to admit I was a little afraid they were going to search my trunk and find my super smelly shoes. Or the large amounts of candy that we were sneaking into the U.S. Luckily, they didn’t search us and let us back into the U.S. but it was probably a close call.

Fun Fact: I know 3.5 national anthems, American, Canadian, Croatian and parts of the Austrialian.

Do you know the Canadian Anthem or any other anthems?

5 thoughts on “Canada…Exploring America’s Hat

  1. The first time we went to the falls our car was randomly selected to be searched on the way out! And what was funny is that we had just moved so we had tons of boxes in the trunk that we just empty — but it looked kinda funny 😛

  2. I feel like the candy store in Vermilion, Brummer’s (http://brummers.com/Home.htm) may have sponge candy. I could be totally wrong, but even if I am, it is still totally worth a trip, they have so much candy! 🙂 I love your striped tank top you are wearing when you failed to see the Falls! Super cute!

  3. Loved that you would not settle on a chain 🙂 Half the fun of traveling is trying out the local places. After working almost 3 years with Canadians, I know a bit”Oh Canada, our home and native land. True patriot love…something…something…Oh Canada we stand on guard to thee.”

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