The Real Deal Camping Trip

Driving to  West Virginia was a little farther than I thought for a neighboring state. Good thing we squeezed in a bathroom break and lunch at Shoneys (we do not have that up North) on the way.

Lunch at Shoney's with most of the campers

Tent for 2 on the left and tent for 2 on the right. I think the tent on the right would actually fit inside the tent on the left.


               DSCN0994       DSCN1000

I have not gone camping in umm maybe 17 years so I am not sure what you really do but we played lots and lots of cornhole. I am the worst so don’t pick me to be on your team. We had footballs and frisbees with us but there was not much room for that.


Always take someone who can cook with you on a camping trip. Obviously, I was not doing the cooking. However, we did have a real chef with us and he fixed us up with an amazing dinner. Pork, garlic bread, asparagus, mashed potatoes and shrimp. If he cooks like this on a campfire with limited supplies, I wonder what dinners are like in his kitchen at home.

Boxed wine on a camping trip 🙂
Yummy Yummy Din Din

And no camping trip is complete without making some s’mores for dessert, that’s my kind of cooking. Please excuse my awful posture in the picture, I was roasting a marshmallow and eating a s’more at the same time…no wonder that dress doesn’t fit…

S'more roasting crew
And 1 bloody toe, no one really know what happened...drinking may have been involved but we all jumped in to help

Once people starting going to bed we decided to pull some pranks, we brought some toilet paper to TP the tents but decided to save it and instead downloaded an animal sounds app. We went around to the early sleepers and played wolf and bear noises. I don’t think it was very believable since you could hear us laughing in the background, but it kept me entertained for about 5 minutes.

About an hour or 2 after everyone went to bed it poured. Super loud thunder and lighting, tons of rain, and wind hit the campsite. I was too tired to get up and look outside but was pretty sure all the chairs were going to blow away and that the tent was going to spring a leak any minute. Luckily, the tent stayed in tact and the chairs didn’t blow away.

Day 2

I am not sure how anyone sleeps in a tent but between sleeping on an air mattress that was not full enough and the thunderstorm, I did not get more than an hour of sleep. Instead of being super cranky all day I went for a run. I wanted to get 6 miles or so in but the area I was in was mostly highways and country roads and was really hilly. So I ran a mile in every direction and down a few side streets and came back after 4 miles. I didn’t take any pictures on my run but the houses were typical of ones you would find in West Virginia (sorry WV). I did see some interesting road kill on my run…a poor turtle 😦 why he thought he would ever make it to the other side we will never know.

After waiting a couple more hours for everyone to get up. Apparently, they have experience sleeping in a tent, we got ready for a day of white water rafting!

I swear I do no tknow this guy in my picture....

Our trip was booked through New & Gauley River Adventures and we did the Lower New River Gorge. We left camp at about 9:30, arrived at the river around 10:15 and by 10:30 we were in the water and rafted until about 4pm! We were able to do Class 3-5 rapids, not bad for first timers!

We probably had the best guide in the entire world. He knew exactly what he was doing, was fun and let us do some challenging things. He was also not afraid to completely flip our raft…multiple times. If you know what a “stamp” is or “riding the bull” we did that! He either thought we were good rafters or incredibly stupid….probably the latter.


I am happy to report that all 11 of the rafters in my caravan survived the trip injury free…minus some major sunburn.

Have you ever gone white water rafting? if so where? Would you ever go?


4 thoughts on “The Real Deal Camping Trip

  1. YES! I’m not the only on who had smores :). You’re right, always take someone who can cook on a camping trip. It’s key. Otherwise you’re stuck eating granola the whole time and that just gets old fast!

    Looks like a great trip!

  2. One time I went camping and no one brought an air pump so we had to try to inflate the air mattress by blowing into them. Not effective! People nearly passed out and we ended up sleeping on 1/3 inflated mattresses.

    Looks like a fun trip, though! I’ve always wanted to try white water rafting.

  3. Last time I was ‘camping’ was in a friend’s backyard in PiB. It was miserable. I need a sink 🙂

    Never been rafting! Looks like you guys had fun!

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