Westside Catholic Center 5K

Saturday June 11th was the 6th annual Westside Catholic Center 5K. I have participated in the race a couple times for many reasons.

  1. Westside Catholic Center is my favorite Non-Profit Organization. Catholic based shelter, food, clothing, life services etc.
  2. Race through Ohio City, unique houses in the area. Stop by Westside Market afterwards
  3. Free Pancake Breakfast for all the runners!
  4. Awesome Band-Half Moon Jack
Start/Finish Line Area

It was predicted to rain on Saturday but for once it did not and was actually a really nice day. Slightly humid for the race but cooler than it was last year for this race.

Half Moon Jack

This was my first 5K since qualifying for the Marathon Maniacs so I went in knowing I wouldn’t PR but would be happy with anything in the 22s.

Before the race started I got into the finish line area and got my garmin ready to go (connect to satellite). A couple speeches to welcome and thank everyone for coming and then the national anthem and then my garmin decided to go to sleep (disconnect from satellite). Of course I didn’t realize this until they said ready, set, go. For some odd reason I didn’t freak out “omg, my garmin isn’t started, how will i know my time, the world is ending, I should just stop running now” I was just like “ok, whatever, I’ll be 10 secs off” Must have been those beers I had Friday night….ok just 1 beer (light weight…cheap date)

I ran the first mile in 7:10 (perfect), second mile in 7:15 (always slower, but that’s cool), third mile in, errr, heat and humidity, tiny uphillish area, umm anything else I could blame the third mile on please insert it here. It really wasn’t that slow especially since I barely came in at my goal time of “anything in the 22s”. Unofficial finish time was 22:59 or at least that’s what they told me when I picked up my 1st place age group medal! Holla!

I should also mention that there was a pretty cool goodie bag. Grey tech shirt, water bottle, red thingy, tape measure, recyclable grocery bag (I love these!) and my favorite goodie bag item, Lip smackers chapstick. I can’t remember the last time I actually bought chapstick because I always get it at races.

Goodie Bag items...and my age group medal 🙂

 I need some help figuring out what this “red thingy” is. It looks like a mini strainer but I eat a whole lot more pasta than that. Hungry In Cleveland suggested it might be a soap dish. Any other guesses?

Red Thingy

Next race on the schedule is A Most Excellent Race 10K, 5K Run/Walk, Sunday June 26.

Did you race this weekend?

14 thoughts on “Westside Catholic Center 5K

  1. Great race! You have given your legs a lot of tough racing lately… you should be proud of that time! You are awesome. Ummm no idea what that red thingy is. Weird.

    Wish you were coming to do the Fish Festival 5K this weekend!

  2. Nice job getting first place in your age group!!
    I have no idea what that red thing is either…. Weird!

  3. Great job placing first in your age group. Sounds like a great organization you ran for as well.

    I have no suggestions for the red thingy 😉 I suppose whatever you can use it for will be it’s official use. I wish I got chapstick in my last goodie bag. I love chapstick! Though, I got a shoe horn, so be jealous 😉 We all know that’s way better than chapstick!

  4. red thingy = blueberry strainer, so you can rinse your blueberries or other fruit. I have a strainer made for that and it looks kinda the same.

  5. The red thing is random! Reminds me of a sunglasses visor clip I got in a swag bag. I had NO IDEA what it was. Fortunately the Hubz deciphered it.

    Great job! Sounds like a fun race too. Love getting tech tees at races!

  6. Great race on Saturday despite the heat/humidity creeping in after mile 2. Congrats on placing too! I am still waiting for the official times to be posted 😦

    Ohhh…and my mom thinks the red thing could be a thingy to put over a drain like to prevent dropping rings down it or other things that could clog it. Still, a great swag bag and shirt 🙂

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