A Croatian Sunday Afternoon

From an American Saturday Night to a Croatian Sunday Afternoon.

Sunday was my little cousin Gus’s First Communion Party. Don’t tell my little sister that I am blogging about his party and not hers (which was over Easter Weekend…a couple months ago, oops!). Looks like I am not winning Sister of the year this year.

To celebrate Gus’s big day family and friends got together to celebrate with food (pork and lamb not hamburgers and hot dogs), drinks and good music.

Tambura Band

 For those of you who do not know I come from a Croatian family of musicians, although everyone has been playing for so long that you really don’t even think of it that way. We don’t play traditional instruments though, we play Croatian Folk Instruments (Brac, Prim, Bugarija, Bass, Celo etc). We all start playing around 7 or 8 years old and its one of those things you don’t forget. Yes, I play as well. Aaannnnd I probably just lost 50% of my readers by saying that just now.

My Uncle pictured above on the far left is the musical director for both the Cleveland Junior Tamburitzans and the American Zagreb Junior Tamburitzans, aka super talented. His son is next to him and also super talented (and only like 14 or 15).

Since I am pretty sure 99% of my readers are lost and do not know what I am talking about I took a video to share with you. My apologies for the quality of the video, it was taken on my little point and shoot camera.


Tambura Band

Of course with all that good Croatian music we had to break out into a kolo! A kolo is a dance where everyone holds hands and there is usually no movement above the waist. Aaaannnd I probably just lost another 25% of my readers. 

Gus in his musical debut

My cute cousin Gus was not one bit shy to perform in front of family and friends. Hopefully, I’ll get a picture and video of my sister playing soon.

Hamburger Cookies!

 I thought these Hamburger cookies were just too cute. I even went home and made some for the Manchild’s Birthday. I still bake snacks for him and send them to work for his birthday.

I have to give my Aunt credit for introducing me to these amazing little cookies. Here is the recipe if you are interested. And hopefully, with the sharing of that recipe my readers won’t desert me 🙂

P.S. I have some running posts coming soon. I am inbetween training plans and “winging it” for now

Now that you all know I am a big dork. How many readers did I just lose?


5 thoughts on “A Croatian Sunday Afternoon

  1. How fun is all that?! What a great Sunday!

    I don’t bake much, but I will for the husband, and then I also send him to work with them to share with his co-workers.

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