Wedding Palooza 2011: Part 1

Over the next couple of months I will attend 3 more weddings….I think. Part 1 is the Mason Wedding that took place in Canton, OH.

Friday night we had rehearsal at the church, dinner and then post dinner drinks at my favorite spot, The Winking Lizard! Which allowed me to catch up with all my favorite college girlfriends since we were all bridesmaids in the wedding.

We always take pictures in 3’s. One is a cute normal pic, 2 is the “Jackie face”, and 3 is the “peace sign”.


Saturday morning, we all got our hair done and headed to the church and I have to confess, I have never seen a more calm bride.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

 Oh and did I mention beautiful. Don’t tell the Bride but I almost cried when I saw her, she looked great!

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mason!

 After taking all our serious church photos and then our fun outside photos, we had some time to kill so we stopped at the Winking Lizard (yes, again).


First shot as husband and wife!

The first dance
The Bride and her Father dancing

The Bride and her Father shared the traditional dance and then later in the night pulled out this crazy number. Wish I would have video taped it because it was so cute. I don’t remember what song it was but it was 7 mins long and they danced to it the entire time! You should note that she is a runner and he is a race walker (a really good race walker!)

And Party Girl made an appearance too 🙂

 I wish the best to Elizabeth and Michael. They are great friends and an amazing couple. Love them so much!

How many weddings do you go to a year? The past couple years I have gone anywhere from 4-7 weddings in a year.

5 thoughts on “Wedding Palooza 2011: Part 1

  1. love that last photo of you!

    we used to go to a minimum of 5 weddings a year. now it’s more like 5 baby showers a year. funny how the cycle continues.

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