Smiles For Sophie 5K

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with a 5K race with friends and for a good cause. Smiles For Sophie is an organization tha raises money for pediatric brain cancer. You can get more information here. 

Ryan, Moja, Molly, Kimi and Justin

 If you are unfamiliar with this race, it is highly kid friendly. Lots of games, bounce houses, races and kid friendly food. It’s so perfect for the Fourth of July weekend!

Before the race everyone is handed a flower that you can place on Sophie’s driveway as you run past (somewhere around mile 1). I absolutely love that about this race. It’s just the cutest thing (and also sad) to see all the flowers on the driveway.

 I had 2 goals for this race. 1.) to run 7 min miles or 2.) to run sub 22:20. I have been stuck in the 22’s this year (and maybe last year) but am determined to break that….slowly

As the race started I went out slighly too fast and ran a 6:40 mile, oops! Not to worry though because the death that is mile 2 slowed me down to around 7 min miles. Somehow I was actually able to hold that pace as we ran through a super flat residential neighborhood. Around mile 2.30, I started to feel like I was going to puke but decided to keep pushing myself because I think it is perfectly acceptable to puke on yourself while running. (Usually more of a dry heave anyways)

You can see the finish line from far away at this race and I tried to push it to the end but there was not much left. I came in at 22:24 (7:14 pace), just 4 seconds off my goal and exactly 30 seconds faster than I ran this race last year. So I really can’t complain about that. Also, last year I was 4th in my age group and missed 3rd by 2 secs!!! This year I was fourth again but the person in front of me was 20 secs ahead.


Post-race Molly snagged some cotton candy, while I grabbed a sno-cone. Have I mentioned how much I love sno-cones?


Kimi and Justin ran some awesome races and both PR’d!!! Woot Woot! Ryan was there to pace Justin but says that Justin didn’t really need it. Justin was right on my tail so I need to step it up a little bit. Molly is superfast and was second in our age group, although when I heard her time I was pretty sure she placed overall.

Next race is this Saturday the Run For Piergies. I am itching to run this race I heard it is flat so I am thinking this 5k is going to go sub 22.

Did you race over the long weekend?

P.S. Justin has the cutest twin babies (Leah and Samuel) and you can vote for them here!

6 thoughts on “Smiles For Sophie 5K

  1. You had a great race! Coming in only 9 seconds behind only snagged me 19th in my age. Guys suck. LOL. You’ll break 22 for sure since you’re just getting into your prime running years. And the the twins thank you too!

  2. I love the premise of the race and the placing of the flowers. Its a beautiful reminder that the race is about more than just running it, its about raising awareness and funds. Great job on the race! You are a speed demon!

    And I agree about the puking, and that its acceptable. I actually did it on a 5k and then kept running…though I partially blame it on the antibiotics I was taking…

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