Wedding Palooza Part 2

On July 2nd two more of my close friends tied the knot and they still consider me a friend after all these years so I was lucky enough to get invited. The now Mrs. Maria Hellriegel and I attended grade school and high school together. So we go way back….

I now present the Mr. and Mrs. James Hellriegel

Maria and Jim


They could not have held their reception at a more beautiful place, Quail Hollow. The food was seriously amazing and dessert…


I pretty much pounded it. See that chocolate square thing. It’s called a petite four and is my FAVORITE!!!!! Cute little mini buttercream cakes. Love them.


My camera was having issues but I still managed to snap a good picture of the first dance.


Pretty good looking date as well….no he does not own a razor but he can tear up the dance floor.


She made a very brief apparence…possibly during the polka….


It would take me way too long to explain why we had to take a picture in front of the Concord Room but ask me and I will explain. But pretty sure you had to be there.


I wish the very best to Jim and Maria Hellriegel and many happy years together.

P.S. 2 more weddings to go this year. Halfway there, oooo oooo living on a prayer..

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